Lakers fans chant ‘we want Phil!’ during Game 3 loss to the Spurs (Video)

The Los Angeles Lakers dug themselves into a massive hole with a blowout loss to the San Antonio Spurs in Game 3 on Friday night — one that they likely will not climb out of. The Lakers have disappointed their fans all season long, but as anticipated they have looked particularly lost without Kobe Bryant. Injuries have been the team’s biggest issue, but that hasn’t stopped the fans from blaming head coach Mike D’Antoni.

As Friday night’s 120-89 loss came to a close, Lakers fans were heard chanting “we want Phil!” I doubt Phil Jackson would have much more success with the current LA roster, but the fans never see it that way.

No matter where he goes, D’Antoni can’t seem to escape the chants for the Zen Master. When the New York Knicks were struggling last year under D’Antoni, fans chanted the same thing. I guess it’s a step above calling for him to simply be fired, but it’s tough to constantly coach in the shadow of Jackson. The Lakers had another shot at Phil but they decided to go with D’Antoni. Like it or not, the fans are probably stuck with it for another year.

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  • Diana Hammock

    This is not surprising…both Mitch and Buss lost most of the credibility they had when they passed up Phil. I do think the team would have done better with Phil if for no other reason then he actually knows how to coach a team and make adjustments. D’Antoni has proven he’s incapable of both all season long. Injuries are a by-product of being driven into the ground.

  • Buffy_Dibiase

    mike dantoni is a horrible head coach. The Lakers are horrible to look at on television. They’re the most non athletic team in the NBA. The Lakers only have jump shooters. The Spurs, Heat’s, Bulls, Thunder, Warriors, Knicks bench are starting 5 squads elsewhere. The Lakers bench is pathetic. We have no hoopers whatsoever. Nobody can dunk or do a crossover. dwight howard is weak and I hope the Lakers let him walk and get young, fresh, cheap, hungry players next season because it’s a wrap. Everybody can see how bad the Lakers and dantoni are except the Lakers organization and that’s all bad. The Michigan State Spartans can beat the Lakers. They were too old to begin with. Kobe and MWP are the only ones playing with heart. It should have been Kobe, MWP, a young point guard, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum.