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Sunday, June 17, 2018

LeBron James’ Entourage Turned Away by Cleveland Cavaliers Security

The hate Clevelanders (or specifically Cavs owner Dan Gilbert) still harbor towards LeBron James is beyond unhealthy and is borderline disturbing obsession. After LeBron left for Miami in free agency, the Cavs owner ripped him in an open letter to the fans. Then when the Heat and Cavs played in Cleveland for the first time in December, the hate from the fans was evident in their posters, but the worst action was putting LeBron bobbleheads in the urinals.

No surprise, the petulant Dan Gilbert broke out a petty move on Tuesday. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reports that “James was delayed in getting into the arena for the Miami Heat’s shootaround Tuesday morning when he arrived with a driver and a second car at the entrance of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ underground parking garage. Cavs spokesman Tad Carper said visiting NBA players are not normally given private car access to the underground garage, but exceptions are made when requests are made in advance.”

OK, so they’re standing behind the “they weren’t authorized line” which sounds fine to the public but we all know was an intended shot at LeBron. It’s petty, but it’s funny. The sad thing is this is all the Cavs have to hold over LeBron at this point, unless that is they can actually get revenge on the court. Un. Likely.

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