Mo Williams Chimes in on LeBron

Mo Williams has decided to share his thoughts about LeBron James‘ departure from Cleveland via Twitter — the NBA’s favorite communication medium.  I have to say, it’s refreshing to see a member of the Cavs organization react somewhat rationally to the situation.  That certainly wasn’t the case with Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert, as we all know after reading his instant classic of a letter to the fans.  We didn’t see it from their jersey-burning fans either, who are understandably upset.  Here’s Mo Williams’ reaction to LeBron James signing with the Heat, courtesy of The Sporting Blog:

Well f—, I gotta be honest. I’m sick as a dog. I feel like my heart has been pulled out. But I’m happy for my friend. S———

The only thing, and I mean the only thing I disagree with is…. If he knew somewhere else was the destination. He should have spared cle On national tv. But this was history so we might not understand the magnitude today. But when we look back on this, we might not Never see this again.

I know we all angry, mad, disappointed. But remember that’s a triple double walking. Let’s pray he have a change of heart 2nite. It is the The night of the unexpected. Who am I kidding

I’m still can’t believe he gone y’all. 4real no bs. I think we all took it for granted and thought it was a nobrainer and he was resighning

The person that I feel most sorry for is mike brown. He is a really good coach.

Ignore the terrible grammar and incoherent thoughts in certain parts and you have a respectable reaction from a teammate and friend.  LeBron was obviously the Cavs best player, but Williams was the spark plug.  You can tell from his reaction that he truly enjoyed playing alongside King James and is sad to see him go.  There’s nothing wrong with letting emotions show without insulting someone or calling them a coward.

What I really appreciate about his reaction is the comment about sparing Cleveland on national television.  I couldn’t agree more.  Although the ESPN special helped raise money for the Boys and Girls Club, there aren’t many who will debate the notion that it was pretty ridiculous.  While I was convinced that there were too many rumors out there about LeBron going to the Heat for it to not happen, part of me thought there was no way he’d announce that he was leaving his hometown via a dramatic production on the world’s leading sports network.  That’s just what he did, and although I understand — like Mo Williams — his decision to leave, I think he should have only made a massive production out of it if he was planning on remaining loyal.  Well said, Mo.

Mo Williams Did Not Handle LeBron’s Decision Very Well [The Sporting Blog]

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  • jeff leit

    I’ve lost all respect for Lebron. I will be rooting for him not to win a championship every year, even if my Lakers are out. That production was the most selfish, emabaressing spectacle I’ve ever seen from a pro athlete. Note to Lebron- YOU’VE NEVER EVEN WON A FINALS GAME!!
    You should have made your announcement quietly with your tail between your legs for quitting on Cleveland. What a premadona

  • EASportsInDaGame

    Cleveland didn’t deserve to be treated the way they were. However, the Cavs front office certainly did. They had to have seen this coming when every year LeBron was pissed because he wasn’t getting any support (no new coach, no decent players…).

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Agreed. The big mistake was the show and he should have been more mindful of Cleveland’s feelings knowing he was going to crush them. That was classless and self-serving.

  • Graz

    React rationally? Another person that has no idea of what Cleveland sports is about making a remark that fans acted irrationally. This deal was something very much like your wife standing up in the middle of Christams dinner ansd announcing that she was leaving you for your crazy brother….and then having sex with him on the table in front of you. LeBron promised that he “would not stop trying” until he brought a championship to Cleveland. Our mistake was that we thought that he understood, but in retrospect, his favorite teams growing up being frontrunners (Cowboys, Yankees and Bulls) should have told us something. He never felt the anguish of Red Right 88, the Drive, the Shot and Mesa’s curveball. Blame Cavs management all you want, but blame them for the right thing. They got the players that James himself wanted. He had the input into every signing. If you want to blame them, then make it be about them allowing his demands damage the franchise. Blame them for treating him as if he was truly invested in the franchise’s future. Blame them for thinking that he “got” what being a Cleveland sports star was about. Blame them for thinking that he wanted to be like Mike and be the leader that would do what it takes to lead a team to a ring. But don’t blame them for not getting him players. And don’t blame the Cleveland fans for being as hurt as they are. They have every right to feel they way they do. I don’t wish LeBron ill, but I’ll be fairly happy if he never won a ring. And I almost feel bad for him. I don’t think he realized that with this move, he can never return home to Akron.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RBS2F5ILLQV5ERRLABM65EZR5M Marc

    I idolize Lebron James before,but now?I don’t like him anymore,he made a very big mistake.Thanks for sharing this article,I hope Lebron will realized his mistake.