Paul George dunked on Birdman, put him on a poster (Video)

Paul George absolutely annihilated Miami Heat forward Chris Andersen with a dunk late in the third quarter of Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals on Friday night.

The Indiana Pacers forward was being guarded by LeBron James with about 10 seconds left in the quarter. He went left, blew by James, and then took off and dunked over Birdman with a spectacular throwdown.

Here’s the image for your poster:

Paul George Birdman dunk

George got the best of LeBron on that play, but James hit a 3-pointer from way downtown to end the quarter. After the quarter ended, the two exchanged high-fives with each other out of respect for their awesome plays:

Paul George LeBron James five

Images via @WorldofIsaac, @BeyondtheBuzzer; video via @CJZero

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  • Dennis Fisher

    NASDAQ runs the NBA and all sports, you guys need to stop stiffing the fans…NASDAQ eliminates everyone, they get to say who wins and who loses. Poor Ray Allen, its time for him to win a ring, but it looks like the powers that be haven’t given the order for the Heat to win this year…champions don’t miss shots like the Heat have been doing throughout game 1 and 2…but players that have been given orders by NASDAQ and the power that be, have given the order to players in the Heat to throw these games, giving players like Anderson, Allen,Cole, etc a middle finger which preventing them from getting an NBA ring that they deserve…and most importantly the fans!

    Le Bron you high 5 the opposition after the game in a show of good sportsmanship, you don’t give them a high 5 when after getting an impossible 3 point shot, but yet you can’t get a simple 2 point free throw throughout the game (you and the whole team). Wade, its time to man up either you need to sit out until that knee is fully healed or you man up and stop playing second fiddle to Le Bron, remember you guided this team to victory once before without the help of Le Bron….In the game1 and 2 just by getting the free throws you would have won both games easily…..or has the team been given orders to throw these games because it is time for Indiana to get the ring? Le Bron had about 7 fouls against him, giving Indiana an important lead in the last quarter of the game, come Heat u guys are supposed to be champions, your playing like a bunch of amateurs —–this whole game is rigged!!!!!!!!! Thanks for giving your fans the middle finger

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1126171748 Les Redmon

    Thanks Dennis. Now we know why NASDAQ caused the DOT.COM bubble bust and collapse back in the Nineties. It had nothing to do with “investors” and game-fixing mutual funds budding up to nonsensical prices for vapor and fog “companies”…and then dumping to get their profits…aka..”pumping and dumping”. No doubt they also caused Clinton to claim he had a “surplus” while all along some of us in the “Powers that be” knew it was …Funny Money. Hillary was right, Bush wasted the “surplus”. Oh, I’m confused now…How can someone waste something that …..never existed?