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Monday, June 18, 2018

Phil Jackson says he did not want to coach ‘clumsy’ Knicks

So much for those rumors that Phil Jackson wanted to coach the Knicks.

In an interview set to air next week on HBO’s “Real Sports,” the Zenmaster said he never had any interest taking over the sidelines at Madison Square Garden, contrary to popular belief.

Jackson didn’t confirm he was definitely coming out of retirement but did concede “there might be” a team out there he’d love to coach. As for the Knicks, a team his name had long been linked to, he’s glad they never even bothered giving him a call.

“I wasn’t going to take the job, that’s for sure,” Jackson said.

“There’s just too much work that has to be done with that team. It’s a little bit of a clumsy team.”

And by “clumsy,” he doesn’t mean the Knicks are a bunch of stumbling bums out on the court (that would be the Bobcats), but rather they lack the chemistry essential to productively coexist, especially at the top of the lineup.

“They don’t fit together well,” Jackson explained. “Stoudemire doesn’t fit together well with Carmelo. Stoudemire’s a really good player. But he’s got to play in a certain system and a way. Carmelo has to be a better passer. And the ball can’t stop every time it hits his hands. They need to have someone come in that can kind of blend that group together.”

So, good luck with all that, Mike Woodson.

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