Ron Artest Dyes His Hair Blond

If Ron Artest didn’t already draw enough comparisons to Dennis Rodman, he certainly will with his latest hairdo. Artest changes his hair so frequently he actually should have his own “Ron Artest’s hair” category here at LBS; Ron’s sported a Lakers logo, mohawk, and Rockets logo in the past few years. His latest change is going blond. Artest posted some pictures on twitter of his new blond look:

Although many people will compare Artest to Dennis Rodman, I don’t have any problem with what Artest does away from the court. I think most of his fun is in a good nature and that his hairstyles are harmless. He’s definitely a little off mentally but he doesn’t mean anything bad. The bottom line is that Artest is committed to the Lakers and that he’s figured out his weight issues. Being lighter on the court has translated to some stifling defense he’s played lately; he’s been the shutdown defender the Lakers thought they were getting. He even spelled out the word “defense” in his hair in three different languages to make his point.

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  • http://www.instylercentral.net Henry

    imho Artest is much less strange than Rodman. It may be of course that its clear that Artest is just having fun. He’s still himself whatever zany look he puts on. Rodman. umm you never knew.

  • Anonymous

    Some people have to wear wigs because they suffer of hair loss and they go and do things like that.