Russell Westbrook’s brother on Thunder: ‘We need a new coach’

Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook’s brother Ray had a Marcus Vick moment while watching the Oklahoma City Thunder fall behind against the Memphis Grizzlies in Game 3 of their playoff series on Thursday night.

With the Thunder down 71-54 in the third quarter, Westbrook was pulled for Reggie Jackson after missing a 3-pointer and committing a charge on consecutive possessions. That didn’t sit well with Ray, who tweeted the following:

Russell Westbrook brother

Ray quickly deleted the tweet, but the damage had already been done.

Russ finally re-entered the game with 7:43 left and his team down 81-64. They quickly went on a 7-0 run.

I’ve never been a big fan of Scott Brooks, so I agree with you, Ray. And anyone who thinks the Thunder are better off without Russ or when Russ plays less is crazy.

H/T Royce Young

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  • Michael Louro

    As if the coach said “hey guys….we’re down by three with thirty seconds left. Screw this ‘working our way back into the game s**t…… Russell, just run down court and jack up a three”

  • cp

    I guess it was Brooks who shot 9-26 last night instead of Westbrook.

  • Dr. Johnny Nacho

    Damn, I guess the truth hurts….