Stephon Marbury statue in China unveiled; Dennis Rodman gives speech (Photos)

Remember when it was reported that Stephon Marbury, fresh off leading the Beijing Ducks to their first-ever Chinese Basketball Association championship, would be forever immortalized with his own bronze statue in China? Well, Sunday was the day that statue was officially unveiled outside the MasterCard Center in Beijing.

There to celebrate the occasion with Marbury were his family, teammates and, for some reason, Dennis Rodman, who gave the statue’s dedication speech. Marbury shared on Twitter some photos and thoughts from the ceremony, including inventing the hashtag “#statuelife” and dubbing it “a proud day in world history” for the Marbury family.

Here are more photos from the event:


It’s now official: Stephon Marbury, big in China. Who would’ve thunk?

H/T Deadspin
Photos via @starburymarbury

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  • Anonymous

    A statue devoted to Stephon Marbury? Just how pathetic is Chinese basketball?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000154521931 Yangyang Zhang Harry

    i feel pathetic for ur ignorance

  • Anonymous

     Come on, buddy. Marbury can’t hack it in the NBA but wins a championship in China. What say you?

  • acey8ace

    Getting a statue in your honor in a small town anywhere would be an honor not to be belittled, but in large proud country like China is an awesome accomplishment. There is nothing “pathetic” about it. Sure, Stephon faded in the NBA but he did more than just “hack” it while he was there, decon007. As a Brooklyn born basketball lover I’m proud of Mr. Marbury for going on and accomplishing more with his life after his fall from grace with the Knicks. Way to go Stephon! 

  • Nerdsmasher69

    What have you done to call Marbury anything derogatory? You haven’t done anything with you life even close to what he’s accomplished. lol