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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Basketball stats website calls Jimmer Fredette ‘Jimmy’

Basketball genius and hardcore Kings fan Tom Ziller was spouting some insight on Jimmer Fredette Sunday morning when he pointed out something pretty interesting: The outstanding basketball statistical site 82games.com for some reason calls Jimmer Fredette “Jimmy.” We have no idea if this was done on purpose out of defiance, or just accidentally, but it’s pretty hilarious.

Jimmer developed a superstar reputation playing at BYU, and his unique name is a big part of his appeal. He’s like a Cher or Kobe when it comes to being identified by one name, so it’s pretty funny to see someone butcher it.

As for Jimmer’s disappointing rookie season, Ziller was pretty critical saying Fredette needs to do a better job getting open instead of complaining that plays aren’t run for him. You can read his entire commentary on his excellent Twitter feed.

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