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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Calls Manny Pacquiao, Won’t Allow 50-50 Purse Split

The negotiations between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao about a potential fight are just becoming comical now. Floyd began baiting Manny over Twitter last week and he’s so desperate for the fight to take place before he goes to jail, he even called the Filipino bruiser this week.

“I called him and asked him about us fighting May 5 and giving the World what they want to see,” Floyd said in an email to ESPN. “I also let him know we both can make a lot of money. He ask about a 50/50 split and I told him no that can’t happen, but what can happen is you can make more money fighting me then you have made in your career. I also let him know I’m in control on my side but he needs to get on the same page with his promoter so we can make this fight happen.”

The message continued: “I told him to tell his promoter that he only wants to fight Mayweather and that this fight will be the biggest fight in history. His manger came to my boxing gym a few months ago and we spoke about getting the defamation of character lawsuit dropped against me and about both fighters taking the random blood and urine test. I spoke to his manager again last night about the same thing. The call last night lasted 15 or 20 minutes. I mainly spoke to his manager he got on and off the phone real quick.”

It’s no surprise that Floyd won’t allow a 50-50 split. He was the champion and bigger draw before Manny’s popularity exploded, and he is undefeated. He’s also cocky and arrogant whereas Manny is more of a generous humanitarian.

This shouldn’t be an issue because Manny reportedly said in December that he was willing to take less than Floyd. The next matter is for Manny to take control of his future and tell Bob Arum what to do, just like Floyd said. But let’s not forget: seeing this fight happen is still a dream. There are many more obstacles than there should be.

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