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Monday, June 18, 2018

Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s Face Provides Daily Inspiration for Victor Ortiz

Victor Ortiz opened his training camp to the media Tuesday to show the world how he’s preparing for his September 17th fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. LBS was on hand to see how Ortiz looked and came away impressed by his physical condition. Spending some time in the Knuckleheadz Gym in Ventura, Ca. the cardboard addition to one of the heavy bags stood out. Turns out Ortiz has been taking aim at Money’s mug during his training:

One of Ortiz’s cornermen was particularly proud of the Mayweather bag, saying Victor hits it everyday.

Ortiz was his usual affable self, spending time with children from the Big Brothers and Big Sisters program prior to his media workout. He cracked jokes, asked them personal questions, and related to them on an individual level. To give you a flavor of their conversation, when Ortiz asked what they wanted to do when they get older, one answered “Go to a strip club!”

Victor’s training staff is convinced they have a strategy that will work against Mayweather. One of Ortiz’s trainers told me the fighter is in peak physical condition. The team referenced Ortiz’s heart and desire as a driving force behind his limitless energy in the ring, and they’re hoping that will be a difference in the fight.

Ortiz has come a long way since the first time I saw him fight five years ago at the Maywood Activities Center in California. He was fighting as a light welterweight at the time and won by first round TKO. He hasn’t lost any charisma or energy, and although he’s stepped up in weight, he has steadily been losing weight in order to meet the welterweight maximum of 147 pounds.

Many people are dismissing this fight as a “gimme” for Floyd. They’re getting ahead of themselves and talking about the much anticipated Mayweather-Pacquiao matchup.

Not so fast, my friends.

Victor Ortiz is no pushover and the more I see of him, the more I feel he will test Floyd Mayweather Jr. Make no mistake about it, this is a dangerous fight for Floyd.

Here’s a video of Ortiz’s workout to see how he looks:

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