Tony Stewart Loves Him Some Women

Tony Stewart gave a pretty R-rated interview to Rolling Stone that Deadspin was kind enough to bring to my attention. I’ve already expressed my thoughts on Tony Stewart and his badass ways, so no surprise he was pretty revealing with Rolling Stone. Some of the highlights (beware, strong language):

The only thing Stewart enjoys more than a race car and a fight, it seems, is women. Over the course of a race weekend, he’s approached by dozens of them, each more long-legged, doe-eyed and blond than the last. Inside the NASCAR bubble, these gals are called “pit lizards,” and they prowl the inner sanctum at tracks throughout the year.

“My parents are afraid my dick’s gonna rot off,” Stewart says.

“Pussy, money and race cars. That’s pretty much all I care about.”

Alternate title for this post – Tony Stewart: American Badass. Talk about living the American Dream, I think he has just about everything wrapped up. And it’s only another year before he becomes a team owner, too. Does it get better than that?

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  • SpinMax

    Right on! Just remember to wrap it, T-Bone!

  • http://diannesmini@msn.com Polly Martin

    Smoke, you think you are God’s gift to women. Wrong!! According to the article I read, besides racing, you love chasing skirts; pussy, and also money. Are you ever in love with yourself. Get over yourself. You think of women as a piece of meat. Surprise, we’re not. We are humans with feelings. One of these days, you are going to be a young gal who will knock your socks off and she’ll just walk away and laugh at you because she’ll know your reputation. Have some respect for women Smoke. We’re not on this earth just to please men. God just wasn’t satisfied with man so he made women and he made us much smarter than man.

  • Ashlee

    Great comments Polly! I totally agree with everything you said. I don’t know a lot about racing, but I had always heard Tony Stewart was thought of as a little crazy and had a really bad temper when watching sports shows. I always liked the fact though, that he seemed to put his whole heart and soul into his racing and liked watching him race.

    After reading the Rolling Stone article, I’m really turned off by him. He really is giving himself a very bad reputation by saying these things and makes himself look really stupid just to blurt out things like that. Who really cares how much he loves women??????? I wonder what he is really trying to prove by saying such things. The other drivers don’t talk like this. I can’t imagine any girl with any kind of self-respect wanting to be used by this guy, celebrity or not. What a turn off some of the stuff he said was, and for some reason, I’m not buying a lot what he said.

    I have also read on several websites that there have always been rumors that Tony is secretly gay. He seems to be going overboard in declaring his love of women. Do we really care about all that? Most men do like women. All this may be a cover, who knows. I’e read two articles that there were a couple of girls who were paid to be his date at a few functions. Tony Stewart having to pay to have a girl with him???? What’s up with that if he’s such a ladies man. I thought he had thousands of girls after him!

    And yes, I agree, he does seem to be totally in love with himself and some day I also think he will be hurt by a girl he really cares for, but she will see through him. I don’t believe you treat women like he supposedly does and not have it get back at you in the end. Very shallow man in my opinion!!!! Very disapppointed in you Tony if all of this stuff is true about you. It may be funny to you now, but may not be so funny later.