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Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Shaq Twitters at Halftime, Alvin Gentry Doesn’t Mind

Cat got out of the bag that Shaq was going to Twitter at halftime of a game but the AP picked up on it and that kind of screwed things up. Shaq was going to do it as a response to Charlie Villanueva who got busted by Scott Skiles for updating his Twitter last weekend…Read More

Kobe Bryant to Wear Black Mamba Snakeskin Shoes

I thought snakeskin was reserved for Chris Tucker at the tables in Vegas in Rush Hour 2, and Rico from Crocodile Dundee II since he was a Columbian dealer, not NBA players for their ballgames. But that’s what makes Kobe Bryant’s footwear for Saturday night’s contest against the Bulls especially unique. Seriously, the only time…Read More

OK, So the Team in Green’s the Boston Celtics, Right?

Right up there with those ugly Oregon baseball uniforms has to be what the Chicago Bulls wore on Tuesday in their game against Boston. I might not be a smart man, but I’m pretty sure the Celtics are supposed to be the team in green when they play the Bulls. It may have been St….Read More

Charlie Villanueva Twitters During Halftime of His Games

Gilbert Arenas gained a lot of his popularity by doing outrageous things off the court and interacting with fans online. His legendary tales of playing online poker at halftime (which was actually just a handheld video game) and showering in his uniform during halftime endeared him to the public. So did his blog. While he…Read More

Dwyane Wade’s Making His Move in the MVP Race

The MVP race in the NBA has become quite interesting since the All-Star break. To be fair, the debate for any MVP award is always interesting. Anyhow, prior to the break, it was in all likelihood a two-horse race between Kobe Bryant and LeBron James — take your pick. There were (are) compelling arguments for…Read More

Shaq, Mr. Classy Once Again

Alright, so I like the fun, lovable Shaq as much as the next guy, but as a follow-up to the Van Gundy flopping story, I have to add a few things. First off, I never mentioned Shaq’s rant on Van Gundy where he ripped Stan a new one, calling the Magic coach a quitter who’s…Read More

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