Cheerleading coach David Chatman accused of raping high school cheerleader

David-Chatman-mugshotDavid A. Chatman, a 38-year-old cheerleading coach from Corvallis, Oregon, has been accused of raping a 17-year-old high school cheerleader while she was unconscious under the influence of prescription medication. According to KVAL.com, Chatman faces charges of first degree rape and second degree sex abuse by a coach.

The incident reportedly occurred in September of 2012 but was brought to the attention of authorities when the girl’s mother contacted the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office last month. The alleged victim claims she went to Corvallis to visit Chatman, who had coached her at cheerleading school, when she was raped.

Investigators say the girl claimed she took a prescription medication that knocks her out before going to bed and awoke to find Chatman on top of her.

“He was raping me,” she said according to court documents.

The girl has given the underwear she was wearing at the time to police and a crime lab analysis is underway. Chatman was arrested after being interviewed, but has pleaded not guilty to charges against him. He claims he thought the girl was 19 and that the sex was consensual.

But that’s not all. Chatman was apparently a registered sex offender to begin with, stemming from an incident in 2007 involving a 16-year-old cheerleader. He was convicted in federal court of touching the girl on an airplane while she was sleeping. It’s probably going to be difficult for him to build a case in this instance with a prior incident like that hanging over his head.

Atlanta Hawks cheerleader taken off court in stretcher after falling (Video)

Hawks cheerleaderAn Atlanta Hawks cheerleader was taken off the court in a stretcher Monday after slipping and falling during a dance routine.

The cheerleader was hurt between the third and fourth quarter of the Hawks-Dallas Mavericks game at Phillips Arena.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution says the cheerleader was taken by paramedics to a hospital to undergo tests and that she never lost consciousness despite appearing to hit her head. Hawks reporter Chris Vivlamore later said the cheerleader was treated and released.

The cheerleader, identified as Kristen, has an identical sister Kirsten who is also a cheerleader for the team. Below you can see a picture of the two of them together:

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Ravens cheerleader Courtney Lenz says she was not invited to the Super Bowl because of her weight (Video)

Courtney-Lenz-Ravens-cheerleaderCourtney Lenz is a Baltimore Ravens cheerleader, but she is not welcome at the Super Bowl despite her team being one of the two that is playing for a championship. On Wednesday evening, Lenz sat down for an interview on “Access Hollywood” and explained why she has been barred from the big game. She says that it ultimately has to do with her weight.

“They said that I had quote, unquote, a rough year,” Lenz said, via the Chicago Tribune. “I’d been benched earlier in the season for a little bit of a weight gain. We do get weighed every week during the season, and you can’t fluctuate at all. I gained, I think it was 1.8 pounds. I had been consistent and they let me cheer previously and then I gained 1.8 or 1.6 pounds and they said because I had gained weight and they wanted me to be consistent or they wanted me to lose, they benched me for a game and because it was a disciplinary action, that was the reason.”

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Colts cheerleaders shave heads during game to support coach Chuck Pagano

Two Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders agreed to have their heads shaved during Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills to pay off a fund raising agreement made with the team’s mascot, Blue.

Colts cheerleader Megan agreed two weeks ago to shave her head during the game if $10,000 were raised for leukemia research. The challenge was part of the ongoing “ChuckStrong” movement the Colts have initiated in support of coach Chuck Pagano, who was diagnosed with leukemia earlier this season. Megan and Blue teamed up to raise $22,670, which meant she had to live up to her end of the agreement on Sunday.

Cheerleader Crystal Anne joined Megan in having her head shaved. The two were seated on the field and had clippers taken to their heads to shave off their locks late in the game.

Here’s what they looked like after having their heads shaved:

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Orlando Magic performer falls during stunt, carried off on stretcher

There was a delay in the second quarter of the Orlando Magic-New York Knicks game on Tuesday after a Magic stunt team member fell and hit her head on the court.

The performer, whose name is Jamie Woode, was treated by paramedics in the arena and taken away on a stretcher. She was waving to the crowd as she was being taken away, and she received a standing ovation from both teams.

The Magic released a statement later in the game and said Woode, a former UCF cheerleader, was being transferred to Orlando Regional Hospital. The team says she is breathing on her own and moving her extremities. As of Wednesday, Woode had three fractured vertebrae and a broken rib, but no neurological damage.

Below is a video of her getting treated:

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High school cheerleader Miranda Ferguson sets Guinness World Record with 35 backflips (Video)

A high school cheerleader from Dallas has cemented herself in the Guinness World Records book because of her incredible back-handspring ability. During a recent game, 16-year-old Miranda Ferguson flipped 35 times across a football field. The previous record was 32, and two Guinness officials were reportedly on hand to witness her feat.

As you can see from the video above, Ferguson appeared on NBC’s Today Show earlier this week to talk about the accomplishment and showcase her talent. She returned to the show on Friday where an official from Guinness presented her with a plaque confirming that she is now the record holder for consecutive back handsprings.

We have shown you plenty of impressive backflips here at LBS over the years. We’ve featured a draft pick doing a backflip in loafers, a wide receiver doing one while catching a pass and a college running back doing 13 of them in a row without touching the ground. Still, Ferguson’s accomplishment is arguably the most impressive. There’s a reason the previous record was 32 flips. I can’t even fathom how exhausting and nauseating doing 35 consecutive backflips must be.

Sarah Jones says she and her student boyfriend have yet to go on their first date

Former Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones managed to avoid jail time earlier this week when she pleaded guilty to having sex with her 17-year-old former student while she was a high school teacher. Now that the trial has ended and the truth is out, Jones sounds like she is ready to begin an actual relationship with the now 18-year-old Cody York.

On Monday, Jones and York were seen holding hands as they left the courtroom following Jones’ guilty plea. In an interview with The Daily on Thursday, Jones spoke about their relationship.

“We still haven’t been on our first date yet,” Jones said while reportedly giggling.

The former Ben-Gal also said her parents are against her seeing York.

“My parents are against it,” Jones said. “But my parents are against everything at the moment.”

I can’t imagine why. Jones was married at the time she began her sexual relationship with York — who was a minor — and she got off without having to serve jail time or register as a sex offender. What she did was highly illegal, yet all she has to do to make it all go away is stay out of trouble for five years. It’s no wonder she’s giggling.

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