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Sunday, November 29, 2015


Sports fans make the true concessions at the concessions

Various fans in Seattle on Monday went through the range of emotions in the final moments of a three-hour game: the familiar nausea, the hand-wringing, and probably a little bit of the cold sweats. This, however, had nothing to do with the team one was rooting for nor was it the product of any rules…Read More

Rich Rodriguez attributes success at Arizona to a change in Popsicles

Rich Rodriguez has enjoyed a very good start to his career as the head coach at Arizona. His Wildcats are already 3-0 on the year, including a convincing 59-38 win over then-ranked Oklahoma State. The secret? Stepping up the Popsicle game. Rodriguez recently told USA TODAY Sports that one part of the Arizona culture he…Read More

Louisiana-Lafayette gets logo branded onto Sonic burger bun (Picture)

The Louisiana-Lafayette athletic program has officially made it. If you have ever seen a cheeseburger with a team logo branded into the bun, feel free to send it along to us. Otherwise, we’re left to assume that the Ragin’ Cajuns are the only school to date to have received this honor. The official Twitter account…Read More

Les Miles says he once had to eat cow tongue during a recruiting visit

Being a coach in the SEC isn’t easy. Aside from all the pressure that comes with having to figure out the X’s and O’s of coaching against some of the toughest competition in the country, there are also the challenges of recruiting. And with recruiting comes sitting down to dinner at a recruit’s house, which…Read More

Panthers DE Thomas Keiser eats Chia Pet seeds to help him stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is extremely important for NFL players during training camp, especially with the incredibly hot temperatures that scorch the country during the months of July and August. Drinking plenty of water is the easiest way to stay safe, but Panthers defensive end Thomas Keiser has a secret that he believes keeps him even safer:…Read More

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