Brock Hekking: Best mullet on earth?


Nevada linebacker Brock Hekking took the internet by storm on Saturday night when he was shown on the field during warmups before his team’s win over Washington State. Do we really need to explain why?

Hekking might just be the biggest bro on the planet, let alone in the sport of college football. His bleach-blond mullet is a sight to behold. The way he rocks it under his Beats headphones with a bandana on is simply the icing on the cake. The senior took it a step further with some war paint when the game began.

I think it’s obvious that this is Brock Hekking’s world. We’re all just living in it.

Photo: Twitter/SportsCenter

Bill Belichick has great interaction with reporter who is wearing golf shoes (Video)

Tom-Curran-golf-shoesTom Brady must be doing just fine, because New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was in a good enough mood on Friday to crack a smile and joke around with a reporter. When Belichick noticed during his press conference that CSNNE.com’s Tom E. Curran was sitting in the front row with golf spikes on, he couldn’t resist pointing it out.

“Going golfing today, Tom?,” Belichick asked.

Curran, who obviously has a very comfortable relationship with Belichick, explained that he actually forgot his shoes when he was leaving his house this morning so he had to wear golf spikes instead. He then criticized Belichick for what he was wearing.

“I have never seen this arrangement, by the way,” Curran shot back. “With the gingham (shirt) under the pullover.”

Curran also noted that the Patriots coach was wearing flip-flops. The reporter claimed he had to rush out of his house to figure out what was going on with the Tom Brady injury situation.

“You’re in flip flops,” Curran joked. “I have to work today. This is an oversight because I have to find out what happened to your damn quarterback so I ran out of the house.”

Despite Curran’s best efforts to turn the tables on Belichick, The Hoodie fired the last shot.

“We’re talking about your style, not mine … On your way to the golf course, you stopped by here,” he said with a big grin. “I got it.”

For what it’s worth, Brady was back at practice on Friday. Curran has no excuse to be wearing golf shoes on Saturday.

Seahawks had embarrassing national anthem Twitter exchange with Ariana Grande

Ariana-GrandeAriana Grande sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” before Thursday night’s NFL season kickoff between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks. The pop star knocked it out of the park with her rendition of the national anthem. The Seahawks were not as successful when discussing the performance with her on Twitter.

It all started with this:


As most of you hopefully recognized immediately, the person running the Seahawks Twitter account got the lyrics backwards. The tweet was quickly deleted, but not before Grande got a chance to have some fun with the home team.

We have seen plenty of performers screw up the national anthem, but they can use the excuse of nerves and adrenaline. The Seahawks must have been so excited about the 12th man and raising their Super Bowl banner that they fell into the same trap. Better luck next time.

Screenshot via Deadspin

Eddie Lacy wore Incredible Hulk undershirt


Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy is working toward a new nickname, and it will make a lot of sense if he has the season many experts expect him to have. On Thursday night, Lacy wore an “Incredible Hulk” shirt underneath his jersey.

Lacy, who had a tough night against the Seattle Seahawks’ dominant defense, is a power runner who is not afraid of contact. He actually suffered another concussion (he had one last year) on Thursday after running through hard-hitting safety Earl Thomas in the second half. And the Packers wear green, so the whole Hulk thing kind of makes sense.

The concern for Packers fans is that Lacy has already suffered two concussions in 18 career NFL games. Given his Incredible Hulk style of running, you have to wonder if this is going to be a major problem going forward.

Photo via @cjzero

David Ortiz fakes bunt, hits home run on next pitch (Video)

In baseball today, shifting infielders based on tendencies of the batter has become common place. Sometime it’s more exaggerated than others and certain players see them routinely, like David Ortiz.

david-ortiz-buntEarlier this season, Ortiz hit a fly ball into a shift employed by the Texas Rangers that brought to an end a perfect game bid by Yu Darvish.

On Thursday, the New York Yankees used one and David Ortiz decided to fake a bunt attempt. Derek Jeter reacted by scampering in and a good laugh was had by he and Ortiz. Then, on the very next pitch, Ortiz hit a home run to right field.

Because it’s David Ortiz, and he’s tormented the Yankees over the years, that was bound to be the end result. However, the bunt attempt did provide us with this, so it wasn’t for naught.


Ickey Shuffle Geico commercials are awesome (Video)

Ickey ShuffleTrue story: I originally became a Cincinnati Bengals fan about 25 years ago because I thought the Ickey Shuffle was the coolest thing ever. I was about five years old then, so anything silly seems cool at that age. What I didn’t realize was that the Ickey Shuffle would still be that awesome when you’re 30. Geico did.

Geico unveiled a new campaign for the start of the NFL season that features former Bengals running back Ickey Woods doing his famous touchdown celebration dance in everyday situations, such as at the grocery store.

They even have an “IckeyFy” game at their YouTube channel.

Whether it’s Ickey doing the Ickey Shuffle or Dikembe Mutombo doing his finger wag, Geico seems to know exactly how to connect with sports fans.

Sidenote: I’m guessing Geico got the idea to put Ickey in the meat aisle because Woods was a meat salesman after his football days.

Large Dodgers fan soaks up some rays


Did anyone enjoy Wednesday’s game between the Washington Nationals and Los Angeles Dodgers more than this guy? Fans who stuck around for the entire game were treated to a 14-inning marathon, but none of them killed it quite like our friend you see above, who was wearing little more than a grape smuggler.

The dude had the tan lines working and everything. He had to have been driving the ladies wild, but it didn’t seem like he gave a damn. He was in his own little (big?) two-Dos Equis, hot-dog-eating world. Baseball needs more day games.

H/T Deadspin
Photo via Lana Berry