Benjy Bronk of Howard Stern Show crashes Roger Goodell press conference (Video)

Benjy Bronk press conferenceRoger Goodell’s press conference on Friday to address the NFL’s failings when it comes to the personal conduct policy and discipline was predictably boring and monotonous. But there was one exciting part.

Benjy Bronk of the Howard Stern Show interrupted the press conference while the commissioner was taking questions. He was heard yelling out, “Don’t take me into an elevator!”

The Howard Stern Show is well known for pulling pranks and stunts, so this was their latest effort. It was humorous and harmless, unlike this crasher at the Super Bowl.

Dwyane Wade credits David Stern’s dress code for his passion for fashion

Dwyane Wade tango

Dwyade Wade is one of the most flamboyant dressers in the NBA. And for that, we can thank David Stern.

Wade has worn some of the most mind-boggling outfits and accessories you will ever see over the last several years. During a recent interview with Rob Merrill of The Associated Press, D-Wade said the dress code that Stern instituted in 2005 really got him thinking about what to wear off the court.

“It was like, ‘OK, now we got to really dress up and we can’t just throw on a sweat suit,'” Wade explained. “Then it became a competition amongst guys and now you really got into it more and you started to really understand the clothes you put on your body, the materials you’re starting to wear, so then you become even more of a fan of it.

“Obviously sometimes we push the envelope, and I think it’s because we’re athletes. We’re not looked at as guys who should wear certain things. Being flamboyant is being OK.”

The “competition” Wade referred to must involve him and guys like Russell Westbrook. We have no idea who you could call the “winner” between those two guys. One day Wade is wearing hot pink pants on his way to a game and the next Westbrook is blowing us away with some leather overalls. It’s all thanks to Stern and his disdain for baggy pants.

For more past Wade fashion follies, see below:

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Dwyane Wade wears capri pants
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Dwyane Wade’s hot pink pants
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Reminder: Herm Edwards picked the Bucs to go to the Super Bowl

Herm-EdwardsA lot of people were high on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers heading into the 2014 season. They made a seemingly great coaching hire in Lovie Smith and acquired a veteran quarterback who was coming off a great year with the Chicago Bears in Josh McCown. No one had more faith in Tampa Bay than Herm Edwards.

Back in May, Edwards predicted that the Bucs and Pittsburgh Steelers would square off in Super Bowl 48. The ESPN analyst, who worked as an assistant with the Bucs from 1996-2000, felt that the Bucs would have an improved roster, better coaching and strong defense. Did anyone watch Thursday Night Football?

While it should be noted that the Bucs were without defensive leader Gerald McCoy, they were absolutely destroyed by the Atlanta Falcons. Tampa Bay’s 56-14 loss could go down as the worst for any NFL team this season. The Bucs were down 56-0 heading into the fourth quarter before Atlanta took its foot off the gas.

Analysts swing and miss all the time, and we usually let them slide. Predicting outcomes in football is arguably more difficult than any of the other four major sports, as teams go from first to last and last to first each season. Having said that, I wonder how Herm is feeling about his NFC champ these days. I bet he’d like a mulligan.

Peyton Manning knows weed laws in Colorado are good for his pizza business

Peyton-Manning-Papa-JohnsShortly after Peyton Manning decided to invest in 21 Colorado-area Papa John’s franchises back in 2012, the state of Colorado legalized recreational marijuana use. Did Manning just get lucky, or was he banking on that happening?

During a recent interview with The Monday Morning Quarterback, Manning took a few minutes to discuss voting and politics. It turns out those topics go hand in hand with his business venture.

“You try to know who you’re voting for. I was good friends with the Governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels, who’s now the president of Purdue,” Manning said. “Probably could have been President of the United States. You try to get to know them. I’ve gotten to know some of the folks here in Colorado. There’s some different laws out here in Colorado. Pizza business is pretty good out here, believe it or not, due to some recent law changes. So when you come to a different place, you’ve kind of got to learn everything that comes with it.”

You see, Peyton is an even smarter businessman than we thought. The guy does more than just break NFL records and make us laugh with hilarious commercials. He also fully understands the munchies, and he knows how to turn them into some extra cash. He’s just an alpha male in every sense of the term.

Tom Brady’s old resume is fantastic


Before Tom Brady was Tom Brady, he was a sixth-round NFL draft pick that had zero shot of starting for an NFL team or even seeing the field in the regular season. Then Drew Bledsoe got hurt, and the rest was history. But if Bledsoe never went down and Brady’s NFL career didn’t pan out, he had plenty of work experience in other fields.

How do we know this? Because the three-time Super Bowl champion shared a photo of his old resume on Facebook Thursday morning.

“Found my old resume!” Brady (or the person who runs his Facebook account) wrote. “Really thought I was going to need this after the 5th round.”

Thomas E. Brady Jr. took home Academic Achievement honors at the University of Michigan in 1996, 97 and 98. He interned with Merril Lynch as an assistant to a senior sales broker during the summers of 98 and 99 while still in school. If that doesn’t impress you, maybe you’re interested in Brady’s experience as a golf course superintendent and ranger. Or how about that summer he spent helping to build “major commercial and industrial facilities?”

You see, at one point Brady was just another schmuck looking for a job like the rest of us. If you work hard enough, you too can win three Super Bowls and marry the world’s most famous super model.

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Derek Jeter walks streets of New York in awesome Gatorade commercial (Video)

Derek-Jeter-commercial-kidIf you are getting tired of the Derek Jeter tributes by now, we can’t say we blame you. Watching Jeter tour the country and receive an elaborate gift in every city has gotten old if for no other reason than the fact that Mariano Rivera did the exact same thing a season ago. But Gatorade’s newest commercial featuring the Yankee captain is worth watching.

Molly Carter, Gatorade’s senior director of consumer engagement, spoke with Adweek about the advertisement prior to its release. She said Jeter selected Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” when asked which song best sums up his incredible career. She also said Gatorade roped off a few blocks near Yankee Stadium before a home game in July and simply “let Jeter go.”

Jeter sauntered through the streets of the Bronx acting like he was just another New Yorker. The looks on the faces of the children playing baseball and adults drinking beer in the bar remind viewers that he is anything but. That was some A+ work from the Gatorade marketing team.

Braves fan catches foul ball with his face (GIF)

An Atlanta Braves fan had the best chance he will probably ever have at a foul ball on Wednesday night, and he may end up with nothing but a broken nose to show for it.

The fan had plenty of space to make the play and he tried to get fancy by catching the ball in his hat. It’s a move we have seen people have success with in the past, but this guy wasn’t as lucky. He missed the ball by about a foot and ended up taking it right to the biscuit.


To make matters worse, the ball bounced off the fan’s face and someone else ended up with it. Hopefully they gave it back to him. If you’re going to have a black eye, you might as well keep the souvenir.

GIF via Pete Blackburn