Fan runs onto field during West Ham-Tottenham game, takes free kick (Video)

Fan free kickIf you’re going to run onto the field during a game and get arrested, at least go down swinging. Or, in this case, kicking.

One fan invaded the pitch ran onto the field during Saturday’s West Ham-Tottenham game prior to a Christian Eriksen free kick in the second half. The dude managed to kick the ball prior to Eriksen’s attempt.

The fan, who was later arrested, was identified as a 22-year-old from Kent. He looks like a real thug:

Miss Texas Monique Evans may have thrown the worst first pitch ever (Video)

Just when you thought ceremonial first pitches couldn’t get any worse than 50 Cent’s, Miss Texas Monique Evans showed us that the worst was yet to come.

Evans threw out the first pitch prior to Friday’s Rangers-Angels game, and she totally bombed.

Evans appeared to recognize that getting it to the plate overhand was out of the question, so she attempted to toss it underhand. But the ball ended up on the ground as if she were bowling or playing some bocce ball.

Someone just needs to help her with her mechanics and let her know that you have to push off with your opposite foot! At least she gets some artistic points for her perfect finishing pose:

Miss Texas Monique Evans Rangers first pitch

Jadeveon Clowney destroys Antone Smith, sacks Matt Ryan on consecutive plays (Video)

Jadeveon Clowney hitJust in case you had any concerns about whether or not Jadeveon Clowney would dominate in the NFL the way he did in college, watch this play.

Clowney announced his presence with authority during the first quarter of Saturday’s preseason game between the Houston Texans and Atlanta Falcons. On consecutive plays of the Falcons’ second possession of the game, Clowney made tackles for a loss. The first came when he absolutely destroyed running back Antone Smith on a tackle for a 2-yard loss on second down. Then on third down, he sacked Matt Ryan for a loss of 7.

Welcome to the NFL, Jadeveon. That was so awesome, it demands another look:

It was almost as good as the hit on Michigan’s Vincent Smith that really put him on the map.

Cash Money: Brother of Tennessee Little Leaguer has awesome name

Cash Money brother Blake

The brother of Tennessee Little League World Series participant Blake Money has the best name this side of Muthaf-cka(over) Jones.

Blake Money, one of the stars of South Nashville Little League, has three siblings. One of his two brothers is actually named Cash. That means he’s Cash Money.

Someone, of course, notified rapper Birdman, who is the co-founder of Cash Money Records. Birdman happily retweeted:

You may have noticed that the picture at the top is from 2013. That’s because South Nashville is playing in the LLWS for the second straight year.

Cash Money even came prepared with appropriate eyewear. Love it.

Arian Foster isn’t gonna not pee in the hot tub


Any members of the Houston Texans who get into the hot tub with Arian Foster or use it after the veteran running back is finished with it should beware — there’s going to be urine in there.

For whatever reason, Foster revealed on Twitter Friday morning that he pees in the hot tub every time he goes in it. Why? Because your muscles get so relaxed that you can’t control it.

While I’m not going to get into whether or not I pee in hot tubs, pools, lakes, etc., I will tell you that there have been times where I have ventured into a hot tub on not lost control of my bladder. Plenty of them, actually. Foster might want to add that to the list of things the team doctor needs to check out for him.

Between his salty interviews with reporters and now this delightful revelation, Foster can’t be making a lot of new friends this offseason.

H/T Jimmy Traina’s Big Buzz

NFL ref throws flag 31 yards (Video)

Thursday night’s preseason game between the Chicago Bears and Jacksonville Jaguars featured some serious rust, at least from the players. The officials, however, were in midseason form. Jay Cutler may have missed on a few throws, but one referee managed to throw a 31-yard strike when calling a penalty.

A referee who was standing in the secondary spotted a penalty that was quite a distance away from him, so he wanted to make sure he got the flag as close to the spot of the foul as possible. In order to accomplish that, he dropped back like a passer and fired the flag 31 yards down the field. The broadcasting crew was amazed.


Get this man some pads. There’s about a dozen teams in the NFL who could probably use his services.

GIF via @recordsANDradio
H/T The Big Lead

Terrance West got bagged hitting on someone’s wife on Instagram

Terrance-WestCleveland Browns rookie running back Terrance West should not be bored. The third-round pick out of Towson has a shot to earn a significant amount of carries this season and possibly even a starting role, so he should have his hands full with work. Apparently West’s schedule isn’t busy enough to keep him from hitting on another guy’s wife.

A Deadspin reader named Hunter recently shared a story about West trying to lap up his swag with a steel bucket. Hunter’s wife’s Instagram profile states that she is married and has children, but West decided to follow her and like a bunch of her photos anyway. He also left her his phone number.


Once Hunter was informed of what the Browns rookie was doing, he decided to give West’s phone number to several of his male friends. Hunter’s buddies then supposedly starting texting West pictures of their naked bodies and, well, you know.

To make the story even more sad, West appears to have had a girlfriend of his own. He and his lady even have tattoos of each other’s name on themselves, as evidenced by these screenshots that Deadspin passed along.

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