James Young dunks on half of UConn’s defense (Video)

Just when UConn was starting to pull away from Kentucky in the second half of the NCAA Tournament’s National Championship Game, James Young did his best to regenerate some momentum.

The freshman guard threw down just a ridiculous dunk over about half of UConn’s defense to give the Wildcats a much-needed bucket. He even got Amida Brimah to be called for a fourth foul on the play!

Look at what he had to dunk over:

James Young dunk Kentucky

And he still made it happen.

Image via @Jose3030

Derek the UConn RA is officially America’s least favorite RA

(click to enlarge)

A lot of stuff is going to get broken when the final whistle sounds in the NCAA men’s national championship game on Monday night. Both UConn and Kentucky are massive universities that love their basketball, and we know what rowdy college kids do when their team wins or loses a huge game. One resident assistant from UConn is not going to have any of that nonsense in his house.

In anticipation of the big game, a UConn RA named Derek sent the letter you see above to the students who live on his floor telling them he is not going to tolerate any type of excessive celebrating. He also basically called everyone bandwagon fans and said the only reason they care about the game is because the uniforms say UConn or they want an excuse to party.

“If it’s the first one, you’re cheering for laundry,” Derek wrote. “If it’s the second one, be as far away from me as possible tonight.”

In other words, no one can possibly actually care about their school’s basketball team because they like basketball and want to see their team win. Derek just doesn’t see that as a realistic scenario.

As you might expect, the Twitter world has already labeled Derek the worst RA in America. When I went to UConn the North Campus dorms were dry, and none of our RA’s were that douchey with their emails. There are countless other ways he could have gone about it. Derek later sent another email to students clarifying the original letter, which Barstool Sports passed along.

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Christian Ehrhoff has ear sliced open by puck


Buffalo Sabres defenseman Christian Ehrhoff is lucky to have woken up on Monday morning with two ears. During his team’s loss to the Philadelphia Flyers on Sunday, Ehrhoof took a puck to the side of the head. That ringing noise he heard may have been the sound of his ear splitting in two.

If you have a strong stomach, feel free to proceed through the jump.

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SNL creates ‘Best of the White Guys’ DVD for NCAA Tournament (Video)

Is this SNL’s answer to “One Shining Moment”? If so, they kinda nailed it.

This funny “Best of the White Guys” DVD showing white guys diving after loose balls, taking charges, celebrating on the bench, throwing bounce passes, helping up teammates, checking in at the end of games, and my personal favorite, giving it their best shot.

And those bonus DVDs? Passion over talent? When it was fair? Oh my god. Too much.

Best of the White Guys DVD

(p.s. nobody tell them that Final Four team Wisconsin was loaded with white guys)

H/T Crabman

Fan totally stunned that Undertaker lost at Wrestlemania; meme launched (Video)

Fan Wrestlemania

We touched on this before, but this stunned fan’s reaction to Undertaker losing at WrestleMania 30 deserves its own post.

Would you just look at that face? Does anything show the surprise and state of fans any better than that?

This fan actually stood out to me prior to the match between Brock Lesnar and Taker, so I think he was planted, but that still doesn’t mean the reaction wasn’t perfect. I mean if this was coordinated for a viral moment, then the WWE totally nailed it.

Below is the video of the fan:

Of course our friend @Nick_Pants wasn’t about to let this go without turning it into a funny meme. He added Gene Chizik:

And then Katherine Webb:

Video via @JimmyTraina

Drake congratulates Kentucky in locker room, gets grilled by reporter (Video)

Drake Kentucky locker room

If there’s a big sporting event going on, you can bet that rapper Drake will be there. He was there when the Miami Heat won the NBA championship — and was upset when he got shut out of the locker room. And he was on hand in Dallas to celebrate with pal John Calipari after Kentucky beat Wisconsin to reach the NCAA championship game.

The best part was watching him get grilled by Palm Beach Post reporter Matt Porter about his allegiances to Kentucky:

Always? Always.

Drake was also hanging out with buddy Johnny Manziel while at the game:

No new friends.

Brandon Flowers’ jacket honoring the ’89-’90 UNLV championship team is fantastic


During the 1989-1990 men’s college basketball season, there wasn’t a better team than the UNLV Runnin’ Rebels.

Led by Larry Johnson, Stacey Augmon, David Butler, Greg Anthony, and Anderson Hunt, UNLV finished the regular season as co-champions of the Big West Conference. Then, they won the conference tournament. The Rebels capped off their season with a run through the NCAA Tournament that ended with them cutting down the nets as national champions after beating Duke 103-73 in the final.

On Saturday, during the March Madness Music Festival, Brandon Flowers of the Las Vegas-based band The Killers took the stage wearing the above pictured jacket, complete with the names of UNLV’s starting five from that title-winning team.

That jacket is fantastic. I’m not from Las Vegas and don’t have an allegiance to UNLV, but I would wear it in a heartbeat.

Photo via Twitter/lukezim