Girl tries pole dancing at Encore Las Vegas, falls on head (Video)

stripper pole failOne seemingly drunk girl decided she would get up on a stripper pole at a pool party at Encore in Las Vegas this weekend, and it was total amateur hour. Girl goes up to the top of the pole, tantalizes everyone but dropping all the way down, but she ends up stopping too late and falls on her head.

Give the girl credit for trying to fight through the injury and waving off her coaches who wanted to come out and check on her. Maybe next time she can find a matching bikini, too.

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Turlock high schooler nails Michael Jackson ‘Billie Jean’ dance at talent show (Video)

Michael Jackson’s singing, dancing and performing style has often been mimicked, but few have replicated it as well as one particular high schooler did last week.

At the Pitman High School (Turlock, Calif.) annual Talent Rally last week, junior Brett Nichols danced to Michael Jackson’s hit song “Billie Jean,” and his performance was so incredible and so spot-on that it has gone viral.

Brett Nichols Michael JacksonAccording to the Turlock City News, the video was posted on the high school’s Facebook page, which is where one of the school’s alumnae saw it. That person shared it on social sharing site Reddit, which is where it went viral. Since then, it’s been featured on websites, TV shows and made the home page of Yahoo!

“I always wanted to be famous, I just didn’t know it would take off in this direction. I didn’t wake up thinking today would be like this,” Nichols told the Turlock Journal.

Nichols, who also plays water polo, told the Turlock Journal he has been working on the dance for nine years. He did it back at a sixth grade talent show and learned then that the Moonwalk sells it. He’s absolutely right.

“Michael Jackson is the king of music. No one in pop culture today or ever can compare to him. He is the quintessential person of music. Ever since I saw him, I’ve been a big fan and he has been sort of like a role model to me,” said Nichols.

I guess this means Colin Kaepernick can step aside, because Nichols might be Pitman’s most famous student now. I also seriously cannot stop watching this video. He is that good. And I’m surprised he had time to fit in the interviews with all the girls who must be throwing themselves at him.

Pimp move: Young kid catches foul ball, gives it to older girls (Video)

This young kid is what we call a P.I.T. Heck, his moves are so smooth, he might not even be a pimp in training; I think he’s already there.

This youngster caught a foul ball at the Rangers-Blue Jays game on Saturday, and he made the day for a couple of girls by giving them the ball. Check that, he was so smooth, he actually kept the foul ball and gave them a different one.

You think he had that all planned out? That guy is a boss. Guaranteed he got digits, too. Just look at the reaction from those girls:

foul ball girls

He knows how to make them melt.

Forearm bash to Eye on Baseball

The Shovel Girl remix video to end all shovel girl remixes

Shovel GirlIf this Shovel Girl remix video doesn’t make you laugh, I’m not sure there’s anything we can do to help you out. It really doesn’t get much better than this.

Well done, Vine user Galati, well done.

And if you’re new to the Shovel Girl story, check out this post to get all caught up.

Previously: Shovel Girl identified – meet her!

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Girl hit with shovel during fight gets Kendrick Lamar, Ludacris remix (Video)

There’s a tremendous Vine video that’s been going around the Internet on Cinco de Mayo, and it shows a young girl wearing yoga pants and a pink T-shirt getting KTFO by a shovel. The video is really priceless, and most people are sharing it with little regard for shovel girl’s well-being. But after seeing the full fight video, it’s hard not to say that she didn’t have it coming.

The full video is eight minutes long and provides a little context to the fight. It seems like two girls are fighting over a guy, so they arranged a fight at shovel-thrower’s house. It’s all rather civilized, too. They decided to fight on their fight, with no kicking or shoes involved. Really high-level combat rules from a couple of thuggish ruggish bones.

[Also see: Shovel girl has been identified - check her out]

Before the fight, shovel girl decides to go pet some chickens inside the chicken coup on shovel thrower’s house/barn. Then they agree to fight.

Shovel GirlShovel girl actually gets a lot of shots in and was beating up shovel thrower pretty badly. So much so that shovel thrower wanted the fight to end and demanded that shovel girl vacate the property, pronto.

When shovel girl taunts her in response and says she won’t leave unless the cops tell her to, shovel thrower says she’s going to get her BB gun instead.

But on the way to the BB gun, shovel thrower finds something much, much better: a shovel.

And she shows no hesitation when hoisting it at her enemy’s head. Goodness.

And the best part?

Shovel girl’s victory quote: “I beat her ass, so it’s OK.”

There you go. So now here’s the video remixed to Ludacris’ “Move Bitch”

And here’s the Vine video set to Kendrick Lamar:

What’s that? You say you want more? Here’s the full fight video:

[Also see: Shovel girl has been identified - check her out]

Luda video via World of Isaac
Kendrick Lamar video via Jersey Chaser

This Donald Sterling-Seinfeld mashup is the business (Video)

Now that the Donald Sterling audio recordings are almost week-old news, it’s about time we had some fun with it.

Our friends at Jersey Chaser created a funny yet highly inappropriate video containing the audio from the Sterling “informant” that you might want to check out. And the folks at Adult Swim did us even better. They mashed up the Sterling racist audio recording with a scene of George Costanza going to speak with George Steinbrenner in “Seinfeld.” It’s perfect. Nice touch with the JJ Redick wall portrait, too.

Seinfeld Donald Sterling mashup


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Shaq goes Animal House, breaks Brent Barry’s guitar (Video)

Shaq Brent Barry guitarShaq took a page out of the “Animal House” book for a funny skit during “Inside the NBA” Tuesday on TNT.

At a break during the Knicks-Nets game, TNT showed a funny clip of Brent Barry serenading some women with his guitar. Up stepped Shaq, who tore the guitar out of Barry’s hands, began singing “Jessie’s Girl,” and then smashed the guitar against a post like Brother Bluto. It was awesome.

Shaq of course continued on his pattern of insisting that Barry play the classics!

The only scene involving “Jessie’s Girl” that we’ve seen that was better is this one from “Boogie Nights”:

Ricky Springfield! He’s a buddy of mine!