Vikings cheerleader says cheerleading workouts are tougher than Navy and Marine workouts

Whether you consider cheerleading a sport or not, I think we can all agree that NFL cheerleaders are required to be in impressive physical condition in order to earn a spot on the squad. Their workouts must be strenuous, but I’m going to go out on a limb and assume Vikings cheerleader Kaylee Munson is slightly confused about just how strenuous.

In a feature about the Vikings cheerleading squad that was published in the Star Tribune earlier this week, Munson compared a cheerleader’s workout routine to that of someone in the military.

“A lot of people hear ‘cheerleader’ and think pageant girl or bimbo, but we are so different than that,” Munson explained. “This is the hardest workout I’ve ever done in my life. On game days we’re moving for three hours straight — dancing every break and trying to get the crowd involved. As part of our military performance tours, I’ve worked out with the Navy and Marines and those were all tough workouts but, no offense guys, I have to say that our cheerleading workouts are harder!”

Does she really think the Navy and Marines put the cheerleaders through the same exact workouts that would be taking place if they weren’t there? I’m not saying NFL cheerleaders are bimbos, but let’s find some middle ground here. I’ve never heard of any grandmothers trying to join the Navy or Marines, yet we saw this 55-year-old try out to be an NFL cheerleader.

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  • Element76

    I was in the US Navy, Gunner’s Mate (guns) Mk 45 spec, Seal Team 4 for 8yrs, and there is not one NFL cheerleader that would last through an entire Logan’s Mile drill let alone Hell Week. She was probably run through Week One PRTs in bootcamp not to mention the standard for men and women are different. Have her come to the Coronado for a day and see if she says the same thing. Another case of Gator Mouth & Chicken Butt. LOL. What she doesn’t realize is she was put through “Eye Candy” exercises for entertainment.

  • HueleSnaiL

    Try going through hell week, then we’ll talk about cheerleader exercises being tougher.

  • Mexoplex

    shut up and bounce that ass. 

  • Hestermyman

    the military is baby food.  hell week too hard?  get a real job.  oh… that’s right, to be employed in the real world requires some measure of intelligence.  hardly heroes & sick of the myriad of accolades they receive.  guess that is what one signs up for when lacking the credentials to attend college or acquire  some kind of skills to work a real job instead of participating in 2 pointless wars.  this isn’t exactly the civil war.  furthermore, their benefits are outrageous.  and for what, I ask?  bums.  guess G.I. Joe is their role model. protecting our freedom?  huh?  totally pointless.  let us focus on the issues here at home.  tired of it all.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JU75WNLN4Q72QLD2B5NFS2W6PA tom

    Wow…our boys are fighting for the very right for you to voice that opinion…no matter how disrespectful, uneducated, bitter, and downright idiotic it is. And I bet you wouldnt dare say any of that to any of them face to face. Coward!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=568162075 Ariel Fletcher Lyman

        I am an actual navy SEAL and sad to say the chick is right, CONCERNING most military members general pt requirements.  Is her workout harder than OURS NO WAY, three days at AIT with the Marines she would be crushed, most infantry in the Army she would not be able to cope, since a majority of the air force is pretty much cheerleaders in Camo she would have no problem.
        The most important question though is when those pom poms hit the deck how long is it gonna take to get me that Ham sandwich, because last time I checked Ham sandwiches don’t make themselves. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4D6YPHAP67HMWDDKEAUYBFS7NA Grey Ghost

    I’d like to take a moment to thank the US Military for protecting this moron’s right to make a fool of himself publically.

  • smarterthanewe

    hahaha moron…what college did you go to…phoenix online? I have a couple degrees, served in the Marines, I don’t even know you but I can say that I do have a higher IQ than you because I’m in the top 10%, I also have a higher tech job than you could even understand…on top of that I have a 30 foot dick…anywyas by me existing your whole line of crybaby bullshit has been proven false now. You existing is pointless, have fun enjoying your freedoms, expecially the freedom to kill yourself. Sine you are poorly educated I will try to educated you a little, Troops DO NOT pick the wars we fight, the morons YOU put in office make these decisions.

  • Michael dugan

    You are an igonrant fool. Nearly every officer in the Armed Forces has a college degree and those that dont, are thanked for their service and sent on there way. Maybe you should try my job for a little while. If you are the definition of intelligence in the “real world”, I am thankful for being in the military. I hate to be compared to the likes of you. An only an igonrant, uneducated  jackass would actually think we hold G.I Joe as a role model, but, I suppose you know best, you are in the real world after all. Our sacrifices are superficial compared to you. And like the previous poster said, you are welcome. Without us, you wouldnt be able to spout this moronic foolishness.

  • smarterthanewe

    I am a 50% dissabled Marine, send these chicks to me. I guarantee they still couldn’t keep up with my abilities. I will teach them a few things in some other areas too, as my local college cheerleaders. They are great at sucking and sandwiches…and saying “like” a lot.

  • smarterthanewe

    Bitches just don’t know…when I say bitches I mean bitches and hysterectomy man?

  • Hestermyman

    actually I would say it to their faces.  freedom of speech was won a long time ago.  troop presence in Iraq and Afghanistan is pointless.  you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or something, or just frustrated because you know I’m right.  anger issues?  you come across as a bitter individual, trying to make a point that I’m not hearing.  good luck to you.

  • Hestermyman

    hit a sensitive nerve, huh?  
    Sine you are poorly educated I will try to educated you a little      nice spelling and use of the word educated twice.  where did you go to school?  University of Ronald McDonald?  idiot.

  • Hestermyman

    yes, I would.  freedom of speech is guaranteed.  are you sure you know anything about history?  you seem like a real self-righteous jackal.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_R3TV5DSUO2EWFFKT4ZQ7IPKZKI awerg

    The daily workouts in the military are not that tough.  I am a Marine and can tell you that our workouts on a day to day basis are not that big of a deal.  These are for general fitness maitenance…  But go through Marine Corps boot camp or MCMAP training little girl and you’ll be singing a different tune.

  • Hestermyman

    I think you intended to claim that you ARE a 30 foot dick.  loser.  insecure pansy-ass.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_R3TV5DSUO2EWFFKT4ZQ7IPKZKI awerg

    Freedom of speach is not guarenteed.  There are people who have fought and given their lives so you can have freedom of speach in this country.  The trouble is that you have lived such a pathetic sheltered life that you can’t understand this. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_R3TV5DSUO2EWFFKT4ZQ7IPKZKI awerg

    You say that to my face and you wont be able to talk anymore.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cole.spivey.1 Cole Spivey

    ..you havent made any point either, so please make a point hester so i can tell you how much of a fucktard you are

  • http://twitter.com/cainmarko67 Craig Miller

    If you are going to lecture someone there sir, you might want to capitalize the first word in a sentence.  Oh, by the way the word since has a “c” in it.  You are the idiot.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1565520537 Jerry Jones

    fighting for our rights? LOL. that was in WW2 dude! there are these things called calendars. you should get one. OK so let me get this right. if we don’t go to Iraq and Pakistan to knock the snot out of some towel heads we are all going to loose our rights and freedoms? do you really believe that? or are just so brainwashed you just think whatever you are told to think? ask any soldier in the middle east what he is fighting for and he will tell you he has no idea. ask any soldier to explain their mission statement and they will tell you they have no idea. they are just  trying to keep themselves and their buddies alive. you know what their actually doing? beta testing weapons. “freedom” and “rights” has nothing to do with it you poor brainwashed fool!

  • gh6464

    You are  dilusional and shouldm’t have the right to voice your opinion. Oh I forgot Millions of those so called “Hardly Heros” have fought and Died for close to 250 years for idiots like you to spout off, in these forums.

    SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  • Hestermyman

    dont wish to capitalize in an informal setting.  you do you, I’ll do me.

  • Hestermyman

    that was then.  I agree.  this is now.  freedom of speech is a constitutional right & has nothing to do with current conflicts.  perhaps you should go to the dollar store & buy a brain.

  • Hestermyman

    right on, brother.  glad someone in this forum understands.  these other guys… what can you say?  clueless & extremely sensitive.  thought the alleged tough guys had thicker skin

  • Hestermyman

    yes it does have a C in it.  I copied and pasted it from someone elses post.  nice attempt to school me.  try again.

  • Hestermyman

    threatening me via messaging.  pretty courageous of you.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4D6YPHAP67HMWDDKEAUYBFS7NA Grey Ghost

    Here’s your 65 lb rucksack and your weapon. Now run 10 miles.

  • gh6464

    The funiest part is for some reason you feel you are smater than everyone else. Just because you went college? A true sign of education is when you can understand all sides. What I have a real issue with is a complete idiot like you thinking someone who joins the service is only there because they are too dumb to make it in the real world. Most who serve do it out of a sense of honor and loyalty to their country! If you are TOO Dumb to realize that than, you are showing everyone that you are the IGNORANT one!

  • Hestermyman

    you misspelled both “funniest” and “smarter”.  yes I can view both sides objectively & have concluded that we have no business in Iraq or in  Afghanistan.  and… I appreciate your point.  there are, indeed, plenty of well-educated people serving.  think I was exaggerating to make my point.  this is a tough crowd, everyone on the defense.  it’s mind-boggling to believe that anyone thinks this is about our rights, i.e. freedom of speech.  positively ridiculous.  plenty of ignorance on this board, I assure you.  it’s not me either.  signing off.  good night to all who managed to get all fired up over my post.

  • gh6464

    I respect the fact you do have the right to your own opinion. I also do not feel the last 3 armed conflicts have been fought for what “we the people” were sold on. However the men and women who fight follow the commander in chief (or whoever may be directing him). I get ANGRY when anyone simply questions their intelligence because they chose to serve. Because they choose to serve is why I see them as Hero’s.
    P.S. Sorry if my spelling isn’t up to your standards, I am simply an uneducated man that has raised his family and paid his taxes for 48 years. My biggest regret of my life is that I chose not to serve my country.

  • bobby2133

    US military members swear to support and defend the Constitution of the US just so you can make ignorant statements as you have done with all of your posts… when someone signs up for the military, they agree to put their country ahead of their own personal gain and potentially lay down their life so YOU can worry about just taking care of yourself.  It is not up to military members when and how they fight but rather they have to go where their Commander in Chief tells them to go – if you have a problem with the wars they are asked to participate in then take that up with the politicians.  You should be greatful you live in a country where you do have freedom of speech but dont have to earn it and be thankful that there are those who would be willing to keep that freedom for you.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KUDE37K2EGK6ILF5GW55ZWKTPI KJ

     Wow Hester. Sounds like you’ve never achieved anything in your life. The real world is cupcake compared to military life. I know cause I did ten years. as a civilian you stay in one place, do the same mundane job. Not to mention 9-5 working hours, office conditions, indoor, and quit any time I damn well please conditions. Did I ever mention putting your life on the line because idiots like yourself get us into those situations in the first place. Please, get off you couch and put down the potato chips and get real. We are the most wanted type of employees with skills sets that supersede yours and make us valuable assets immediately in the civilian world.  We often outperform and outwork most individuals and without batting an eye. Get bent “Hero”.

  • Rick

    I highly doubt you would say it to their faces  Hestermyman & If you did you would be seeing the dentist soon after  unless of course you are a woman then a lady soldier would  most likely smack the taste right out of your mouth.

     The fact you classify all service men and women with a low IQ’s merely because they joined the military proves just how uneducated & uninformed you really are  It take courage , to enlist ., something I’m sure you know nothing about!  

    Regardless of how you feel about where are troops are  it doesn’t give you the right to disrespect them for doing their jobs and not going A.W.O.L like  I’m sure you would do because you don’t approve of this  particular venue.

    Why do I get the feeling you are a trust fund baby. I also get the feeling you would have been one of those people back in the 60’s  spitting on our returning Vietnam troop’s and calling them baby killers etc. Am I right in assuming this?

    I have nothing but respect for the men & women in our armed forces thousands  of miles away from their families WHO WOULD LOVE NOTHING MOIRE than  to be home snuggling up and sleeping in on a Sunday morning with their significant  other.

    Why on earth should they have to listen to the likes of you yelling your personal beliefs  in their faces? Just because you have the right to??  You would merely get the butt of a rifle to the jaw is all you would get exercising that right. Further more  I highly doubt you would make it 2 weeks in Boot Camp  Hestermyman!
    Learn some respect.
    You are a fool

  • Rick

    “Copy and pasted it”

    Lazy on top of stupid huh? Let me guess bleeding heart liberal?

  • Rick

    I agree being over there is  pointless and we do need to focus more on our issues at home like beefing up border security  not hand delivering $200 million dollars to pump up Egypt’s economy like Hillary did last month . However belief  does not give you the right to disrespect a soldier doing his job. that’s where your wrong & people start hating you . You just don’t do that  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_R3TV5DSUO2EWFFKT4ZQ7IPKZKI awerg

    I’m not being coragous.  I’m just saying since you’re talking like such a tough guy, that if you ever happento actually be a tough guy and say something like that to someone like me, you wouldn’t e able to say anything so stupid anymore.  Give it a shot.  Go to a bar in Oceanside and start taling like that, tough guy.

  • Rick

    Do you have any idea the cooperation , mechanical , computer skills needed to keep an M1 Abrams or a Bradley 
    running in the desert , to be able to fix  anything  hundreds of miles away from anything? 

     I’m gonna say you do not  because if you had the slightest inclination of the education needed to accomplish such a task you wouldn’t have made that derogatory comment about how uneducated all service members are today  The IQ’s  of today’s military are way beyond your understanding of them .

     I’m just trying to inform you of the capabilities you seem to not understand  about our men & women service member’s. 
    Dont take this the wrong way as it is not meant as a threat at all. You should be aware that some of our service member are very well trained in finding folks  via their internet foot print so to speak.

     So do not be surprised if  some day you do get the opportunity to say “what you said you would say…..to a service members face”  as you put it. & that’s is something I  would definitely pay to watch!!!!   

  • Hestermyman

    clap, clap, clap.  way to vent all that anger inside you.  you may have just had a break-through.  you certainly composed a lengthy comment.  must have Mother issues or something.

  • Hestermyman

    liberal, yes.  the correct verbage, btw, is copied and pasted.  I’ll cut you some slack however due to the fact that I feel sorry for you.  peace out & try living in the moment.  you might be amazed with the results.  harboring resentment will get you nowhere.

  • Brian

    No the “towel-heads” may not take our rights had we not gone and fought over in the ME. But they would be here killing Americans ie 9/11.