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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

I Never Liked Mayo, I’m Not a Fan of OJ, And OJ Mayo Truly Makes me Sick

I haven’t exactly treated USC star recruit, incoming PG OJ Mayo, in the nicest of manners – being the first sports blog to bring to light the report that he was cited for marijuana possession. But then I saw the video of OJ ending his high school career with a dunk and technical foul thanks to Michael David Smith at FanHouse and thought ‘man, this guys a total jerk’ (just watch and you’ll see why). 

Then, I heard Tim Floyd telling Jim Rome the story of how he landed OJ Mayo on the radio yesterday. And finally, while perusing the stellar sports blog, The Big Lead this morning, I saw that the NY Times had an article where Tim Floyd recounts the same story he told Rome.

Let me tell you, even Trojan fans should already be sick of this jerkoff even before he sets foot on campus.

The story goes like this: Mayo decided he wanted to start a basketball legacy at USC and told Tim Floyd to give him a scholarship.  Mayo decided he would take care of the recruiting on his own.  Part of Mayo’s grand vision was to carve out a name for himself at a football school that lacked a serious basketball history, all-the-while playing in the second largest media market which would allow the opportunity to properly publicize himself.

Honestly, you just have to read this yourself or listen to the interview on Rome (subscription required) to hear what kind of jackass this OJ Mayo guy is.  Here’s further proof, taken from the Times article

Mayo is one of those basketball prodigies famous for his large entourage and his erratic behavior. In the past six years, he has moved from West Virginia to Kentucky to Ohio and back to West Virginia. He has been suspended at least three times for fights and other violations.

That’s all I’ll give you — the rest you need to read.

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