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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Marshall Henderson and Johnny Manziel are now Twitter pals

Johnny Manziel Marshall Henderson

Marshall Henderson and Johnny Manziel have bonded over Twitter in the past few days and are in the process of forming one of the most perfect friendships in all of collegiate athletics.

It all started with a tweet from Johnny Football to the Ole Miss guard on Saturday that resulted in a response from Henderson a day later:

Chilifest 2013, baby. It is going down. The meetup of the century. Henderson and Manziel tearing up the chili festival in Snook, Texas. Slamming cornbread and chili bowls while listening to country music.

Seriously though, these two seem like perfect friends. Manziel doesn’t have the villain persona that Henderson does, but he has become the partying badboy who refuses to make his life private. Henderson also appears to be a party animal, and he has been leading Ole Miss to upset wins. Both were top newcomers in the SEC and led their respective underdog teams to surprising success. Manziel is much better in his sport than Henderson is, but the two seem to have a lot in common.

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