Max Hall Postgame Comments: I Hate Utah, I Hate Everything About them

BYU beat rival Utah to win the Holy War on Saturday, 26-23 in overtime. Max Hall was off most of the game going 12-32, but he did manage to throw the game-winning touchdown pass in overtime, his second TD of the game. Hall was a junior last year when the Utes took it to the Cougars 48-24 so no doubt he was pleased to get revenge. But Hall actually took it to a new level with his postgame comments saying he hates Utah. This is a soundbite for the ages that will certainly cause more friction in Utah:

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  • KJ Shaw

    Who is classless? Max Hall IS the definition of classless.

  • dp

    He is classless because he doesnt like one program for the way they act and have treated him and his family. I agree with him and i think that anyone who is going to get angry at him for voicing his opinion is unpatriotic.

  • SingerGuy

    Max said what no one else has had the guts to say. Ute fans tend to act very classless when it comes to BYU. It goes beyond a friendly rivalry. Utes have torn down the goalposts on BYU’s field. When a BYU player was injured yesterday the Ute band played their fight song, celebrating his injury. I have been flipped off b Ute fans when I fly my BYU flags on my car on game days. I have heard stories from friends of being punched by Ute fans during the game. The way they treated Max Halls’ family is beyond the pall. This is the first time he’s had an opportunity to voice his concern over their behavior. Maybe people will stop attacking his comments and start actually looking to see if they have some truth behind them.


  • IHS jim

    I agree with KJ, Hall was classless. He came across as hating the Uof U for an incident his family suffered of having some rude Utah fan dump beer on them. I won’t condone that kind of behavior it was an out and out assault. This year at the Y, Utah’s head Coach Kile Witingham’s wife was punched in the face as well as being verbally assaulted by Y fans… I don’t remember Hall’s family actually being physically assaulted at the UofU but dp is right Hall had the right to make those comments.. This is dp’s right to think as he(she) does. I won’t take that away from them.. I won’t take away Hall’s right to say what he did.. But I also have a right to believe them both to be as classless as Hall thinks the UofU is.. IHS jim

  • john john

    funny…coach Wit’s wife wasn’t at the game…

    All in all, what Max said is mostly true. Having attended games at both stadiums there is no question that Ute fans are much more aggressive and out of line that cougar fans. Are they significantly different than other universities? Probably not, but RES is one of the worst regulated and policed stadiums in the country no doubt.

  • samm

    well, apparently, you weren’t sitting by the same BYU fan as i was. he tried to pick a fight with half a dozen U fans and was throwing out insults the entire time. the injured BYU player? every U fan i could see applauded when he got back up.
    it’s obvious none of you have been outside cozy little utah, this IS a friendly rivalry. max hall is classless to judge the entire university publicly based on one U fans poor choice.
    get over it.

  • Brian

    According to the Salt Lake Tribune. Coach Whittingham’s wife was hit in the face, and required medical attention.

    The most satisfying thing is that he will NEVER make it to the NFL. He’s inconsistent, as he proved again last night.

  • BRK

    I have degrees from both schools. That’s called split allegience. For the last few years, I have had a “winner pays for dinner” bet with my son, who attends the U, and I take the Y just because he’s a rabid, albeit sportsmanlike, Runnin’ Utes fan, and the name of the game is competition. Yeah, I paid up for last year’s Cougar-bashing with a dinner the night before the game on Saturday.

    We watched the game together, and although disappointed, and a little more verbal than usual about the outcome, my son showed me that a gentlemen loses with his head held high.

    There’s only one thing worse than a poor loser. And that’s the unbelievably UNsportsmanlike and completely unnecessary ranting at the post-game press conference by Max Hall. He’s a poor winner. (What a jerk.) In my book, he will now be known as Max(imum) Loser. And my allegience has shifted a little to the Red.

  • dustinsc

    You know, Max will probably get drafted. He’ll go pro because he’s a lot more consistent than a lot of people say (last week he was ranked second in the country). But this thing will follow him and it leaves a lot of motivation for Utah next year.

  • Clint

    Max Hall is a classless looser. I don’t care if you are BYU fan or Utah fan his remarks were inappropriate. He just put down a team that is lead by three byu football player grads. He just put down thousands of fans because a couple were stupid and did somthing embarresing in tossing beer on his family. He is a sore loser who won and wanted to make comments from last year. Now that he is senior who cares. No one deserves to win because of who they are or who they think they are. If that was so the utes deserve to win because the players seem to have the edge on class in the last couple of years. Remember Eric Wettle, he was a senior and lost to byu when beck threw the last second touchdown to win. After hearing how good the byu players are and hearing magic happens, Wettle went and congradulated Beck on his win. Max Hall just embarresed BYU thats all.

  • Aaron

    sweet. I just ripped this and made it my iphone ringtone.

  • Utah Man Sir

    I think that everybody is forgetting that he also ripped the President of his Church, his Living Prophet. Thomas Monson is a Utah alum, as was Wirthin (sp?), a die-hard Ute. I guess at least he has the leadership and good example of Jim McMahon to look up to. On second thought, Jim McMahon never would have said such things. I think he dislikes BYU as much as some rabid Ute fans.

  • http://gmail will2real

    It is better to sit silent and be thought of as a fool then it is to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Thanx max I no longer have any doubt.

  • dduuuhhh

    soooooo when did the utes serving beer in the stadium??? what an idiot max hall is.

  • Evan

    Remind me why Mormons are better than my godless self?

  • FootballFan

    Ha ha you are all kind of idiots, including Max. What was he supposed to say, “I love them and feel bad that they lost and we won?” What did you want him to quote scriptures just because he goes to the Y? Hey morons, it’s rivalry – there is nothing friendly about it! He didn’t dog the prophet, he said he hated the fans – you know, the ones that are AHOLES. Don’t worry the Y has plenty of them just as any school. If this was a player from the other side he’d get just as much crap from the opposing team. Welcome to Sports you idiots – it’s always like that wether they publicly announce it or not.

  • Utefan

    I am a member of the LDS faith but definitely not a BYU fan. I follow their games and always give them kudos for a good game. That sucks some fans allegedly dumped beer on his family (which they had to have illegally brought because they do not sell beer at the UTE Stadium), but that was only few fans. I think it was wrong of him to lash out on the University like he did and I’m glad that he decided to make a public apology because if he didn’t it would have really showed he was even more classless. I don’t care if that is how he feels about Ute fans, but he should have said “I’m happy with this win!” and left it at that. I think many people are getting the wrong impression of the LDS faith because of his comments. So just to clear it up for Evan and others like you, we do not think we are better than you (although there are Mormons out there just like in every faith that think they are more self-righteous) and I’m sorry that people like Hall make you think that.

    GO UTES!!!!

  • Christine

    Yes, he has a right to say what he feels. However, his comments were not just directed to the “fans” that poured beer (allegedly) on his mother. He directed them at every single person at the U. I wasn’t even at the game last year, so I am lumped into the classless bunch that harassed his family? He directed them at the team, who wouldn’t have even been close to his family-he crossed the line. I have been to many games and never thought our fans were out of line, ever. Max Hall showed tremendous hate for every single person who attends/works/cheers the University of Utah. He is also a public figure, he had a year to say that he feels there are some fans that carried away, but he didn’t. He stewed about it a year and waited for an opportunity to bash the U. It is un-sportsman like, and he knew it.

  • Elaina

    As a senior, Max Hall should have known better. Sure, everyone has the right to their own opinion, but his statement was out of line. The Ute fans who poured beer on his family last year, they were classless. However they’re not the only ones. I seem to recall a Cougar fan punching Kyle Whittingham’s wife after the game. They are “classless” as well. I, a Ute fan, am embarrassed that some of my fellow fans can be so idiotic. Does that still make me a classless fan worthy of Max Hall’s hate? Hall crossed a line on Saturday and embarrassed himself, his team, and his school. For being an LDS student at a school that prides themselves for their ethics, he sure knows how to use the word hate.

  • V

    I am a BYU fan and always will be. But, The worst offense Hall made with his speech was he took the attention away from his teammates and made Saturday’s game all about himself.

    His teammates worked hard to get a win for his school and they deserved all the credit and glory that comes with beating your rival. Now, the game will be remembered as much for Hall’s comments as for the way it ended.

    Hall has every right to his own opinions, but he should have shared them another time and allowed his teammates and school the joy of the win!

  • jimmy

    I am a die hard Cougar fan. I found his comments hilarious!
    I want every ute fan to honestly answer this…. Friday November 27 and all time before then, did you care one little bit what Max Hall thought? I am pretty confident in saying, no.
    Suddenly 24 hours later the entire ute nation cares so much about Max Hall not loving them that the past 5 days have all been about the man they care about so much, that they can’t stop talking about him.
    personally I think the utes are just ticked because Hall said it first(and actually got attention for it). The next time a ute says they hate BYU everybody will just say oh yea, it has already been said back in 2009 by Max Hall, so no originality.
    So to all those people that hate me,I say… okay, well see ya later

  • FootballFan

    Rock on Jimmy you are absolutely right! To the rest of you quit whining because you know you’re being pansies. Face it Utah, you lost!