Cam Newton Needs to Show Humility

Auburn quarterback and Heisman frontrunner Cam Newton obviously didn’t learn anything from the backlash against LeBron James’ “Decision.” In an interview with ESPN’s Chris Fowler, Newton stole some of the words right out of James’ mouth.

“I felt that as a whole Auburn possessed, you know, what’s best for Cam Newton,” Newton said in response to a question regarding why he chose Auburn over Mississippi State. You’ve got to love a 21-year-old college student who refers to himself in the third person. And that was just one of the many times during the interview Newton referred to himself in that way.

When asked if he had any conversations with anyone at Mississippi State before signing with Auburn, Newton took the LeBronisms to the next level. He expressed a great amount of respect for Mississippi head football coach Dan Mullen, whom he called when he made his decision.

“I wanted to tell him how I really felt about him, and I told him, but I also told him that I was going to take my talents to, you know, Auburn,” Newton said. Really? After all the heat James took last summer, why would anyone else let those words escape their mouth?

The answer is simple — because Newton and James have one key personality trait in common — an ego that far exceeds their “talents.” James has the words “Chosen One” tattooed across his shoulders. He’s not exactly the poster child for humility — something a pastor’s son like Newton should exude.

It’s just not reasonable to believe that Newton had no idea that his father, Cecil, sought money for his son’s “talents.” It’s also ridiculous to think that, as he said in his interview, Newton has yet to discuss the issue with his father.

When you do the things Newton is capable of on the football field it’s easy to see how a sense of superiority might develop, but Newton needs to realize that the best thing for him right now is to be humble and use the word “me” once in a while.

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  • Anonymous

    You obviously haven’t seen or are willfully ignoring the countless other interviews with him, because Cam is clearly one of the most humble people in sports. He may not be the most articulate speaker in the world, but you can tell by his demeanor and the credit he gives to teammates and coaches that the guy doesn’t think he’s God’s gift. You on the other hand, Derrick, can be congratulated for the distinction of wasting people’s time with your own sanctimony and self-righteousness by accusing this kid of something that you want desperately to believe about him for reasons that one can only guess are borne out of your own insecurity.

  • Anonymous

    The internet is serious business people get so butt hurt, like this guy for instance //

  • Anonymous

    If your Dad tries to acquire money for you, you shouldn’t get a Heisman. That’s my rule.

  • Anonymous

    Questions for Mr. Holdridge- Do you know Cam Newton on a personal level, to judge him so harshly? Are you a part of those “SO CALLED NEGATIVE SPORT WRITERS” who love to spread gossip, without real facts? Most of the people who really know Cam, like his former and present coaches, tearchers, and classmates see him as a wonderful person who helps others in the community. Also, they have said that he is very humble, friendly, caring, outgoing and in spite of all he has been put through, has shown great strength. Look at your own ego before you judge others.
    remain strong and focused during a time when writers like you have driven him and his family through the mud.
    like you who don’t even know him. My you yourself, has a big ego to make those statements about
    someone you have never met. Cam is also outgoing and fun-loving and has shown a mountain of strength during the witch hunt by idiot writers like you.

  • Anonymous

    It’s impossible to argue with this rule. Unless you’re the NCAA.

  • Anonymous

    And Brett Favre and his wife have the bestest relationship ever, right Jay?