Chris Casher affidavit: Jameis Winston accuser was ‘more than willing participant’

The signed affidavits from witnesses Chris Casher and Ronald Darby heavily support the notion that Jameis Winston did not sexually assault his accuser.

Casher, a defensive end on the Florida State football team, and Darby, a defensive back, both provided signed affidavits declaring their side of what they saw the night the woman says she was raped.

Both men said the accuser was not intoxicated. Both said the accuser appeared to be a willing participant. They both said that due to Winston’s door to his bedroom being broken, they could look inside the room and see what was going on.

Chris CasherIn his affidavit, Casher (pictured right) depicts the accuser as a jersey chaser who was interested in football players, followed them out of the club, virtually invited herself over to their place, and had sex with Jameis. He even says after they were done having sex, they were talking in a friendly manner.

You can read his affidavit below:

Chris Casher affidavit

Ronald DarbyIn his affidavit, Ronald Darby alleges many of the same things as Casher. Here’s what he said:

“It appeared that the female was pursuing Jameis.”

“The female followed us out of the club.”

“At no time did the girl ever indicate that she was not a willing participant.”

You can read his full affidavit below:

Ronald Darby affidavit

You can read the side of the story the alleged victim gave to police.

She claims she did not have much of a memory of what happened. She claims she tried to kick Winston off of her. She claims that her arms were pinned down. Obviously that’s a huge difference from what Casher and Darby stated in their affidavits.

The question is: which story do you believe?

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  • Yvonne

    They probably used a date-rape drug on her. They did not care about “consent.” The University evidently takes the position tbat enrolling is consenting to sex with football players that are expected to make entertainment income for the school. Call him OJ Winston. He may be forced to live in Flrida, like OJ Simpson. to avoid collection of civil judgments against him.

  • Matthew Robinson

    Yeah, a typical woman always taking another woman’s side. You do know that there are TONs of college female students who chase after star football players or those who want to affiliate with football players?
    It’s funny all you damn women know that many football players act like or are Neanderthals around women or just are that way in general, but yet in still y’all behinds still chase them or test them.
    On every high school and college campus around the USA, there are tons of female students who are ready and willing to provide consensual sex or oral sex to star football players or their buddies or football players who step to these girls with enough game.
    I played football in high school and have been around this game darn near my whole life and one of the recurring elements of football is the abundance of fast women or females who want to be associated with jocks. The stories my teammates in high school and other football places I’ve been, just the stories they tell about women gives you some perspective on just how much women can be groupies around any man who has some popularity, money, or juice.

  • guest

    They did the rape kit on her and there were no drugs in her system so your story is now debunked. you make your statement as if it were fact even though the evidence shows that it is not fact.