Jameis Winston postgame speech – inspirational or confusing? (Video)

Jameis Winston postgameJameis Winston put together a heck of a fourth quarter to lead Florida State to the national championship over Auburn 34-31 on Monday.

After starting off the game shaky, Winston finished 20-of-35 for 237 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions. He threw for both TDs in the fourth quarter, including the game-winner to Kelvin Benjamin with 13 seconds left. Winston really put together a heck of a close to the game to show everyone why he was the deserving Heisman Trophy winner.

But Jameis turned as many heads with his speech after the game as he did with his play during the game.

Winston spoke with ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi and shared the emotional message he gave his teammates on the final drive. Though notable athletes like Reggie Bush and LeBron James enjoyed the speech, others, like myself, found it confusing.

Another knock for me — and this is just personal taste — when a player references religion as much as Winston did, I’m turned off.

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Many people noted that Winston sounded a lot like Ray Lewis with his speech, and he did. Some people balk at religious speeches while others embrace them. In the end, all that matters is that whatever Winston did or said on the field worked, because he walked away as the champion. Congratulations to him and Florida State.

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  • howard M

    Why would one person be turned off (or on) by another person’s expression of his faith? “References religion?” Would it been less of a turn off if he “referenced” his coach or his parents or cheeseburgers?
    Objectification? Maybe

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Excuse me for taking exception with the notion that God somehow wanted Jameis Winston to win more than any of the Auburn players that also prayed for victory.

  • Ken Harpster

    Jameis Winston talks like he is in 4th grade. Kid’s lucky he’s such a great athlete cause he is border line retarded.

  • sigh

    Florida State will give you a quality education, honest you guys! And if not, we strong. You strong. We in dis.

  • oneninenine

    He talks fine, its your association with his accent that makes you think he’s retarded. You may need to look in the mirror adolf. White southerns have a similar accent, i don’t recall anyone here making an issue of it. Black southerners however aren’t entitled to speak in their own accents.

    also, he’s actually not that good of an athlete. Its his football IQ that gets him through the day. Chew on that for a little.

  • oneninenine

    You should be ashamed of yourself, a grown man taunting a 20 year old on twitter. I imagine he’s accomplished more in life than you ever will, is that why you hate him so much?

  • Jerri

    Winston just set us blacks back another 20 years with his rambling. I was thoroughly confused.

  • Yelaina Thompson

    I think the young man is giving God the glory for his abilities and his faith being realized – not for the win. But why do you care and why are you so upset? Someone has to win and it can’t be both teams. P.S. I’ve heard worse grammar on Duck Dynasty and Honey Boo Boo :) AT LEAST HE”S NOT ARROGANT. What do people want…. My goodness. P.S. – the mom who made that negative comment and deleted it NEEDS JESUS. LOL.

  • rbradford

    Northeast bias (implying people from the south are dumb)? Is there latent racism in that statement Mr. Harpster (you hate when reporters put the microphone in front of black athletes)? You shouldn’t denigrate an individual for growing up in the rural south – regardless of race.

  • aye

    white southerners are mocked all the time you idiot. most people barely even know that blacks in the south are so stupid and violent cus they’re too busy focusing on the whites.

  • Godzilla Jr.

    Exactly. Terry Bradshaw talks like this every Sunday and he isn’t maligned in the least.

  • Paulmatthew22

    I heard Auburn want’s a rematch,.A SPELLING CONTEST!

  • PROF

    Really? I’m a
    black southerner with a PHD and my husband and I both have white employees
    (they work for us), so I would hardly say that would classify us as ignorant. Stereotyping
    is just a way of showing hatred, bigotry, ignorance and intimidation. Using race when it is clearly not the issue
    at hand is a way of showing limited philosophical skills. Maybe you should spend more time working on
    your analysis and comprehensive skills and less time writing posts that show
    your intellectual challenges. Be

  • Jacob Smith

    God wanted Winston to win just like God wanted him to get away with raping that girl.

  • Bernard Michael

    Yes he is. Terry Bradshaw is called a pompous retard all the time. Because he acts like one….. all the time.

  • aye

    OK so you`re the exception to the rule. Good for you I wish you well. And I;m not the one that started making it about race. you need to read the previous posts