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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Lee Corso calls a little kid a ‘midget’ on College GameDay (Video)

Like a fine wine, Lee Corso seems to get better with age. And by better I mean the face of ESPN’s College GameDay seems to push the envelope more and come out with more insane comments with each passing year.

On Saturday morning, GameDay welcomed a 5-year-old guest named Braden to the panel and asked for some of his expert predictions for this week’s games. Braden picked Yale to beat Harvard on the road, and Corso apparently disagreed with the choice.

“Not so fast, midget!” Corso yelled.

Kirk Herbstreit had almost the exact same reaction he had earlier in the season when Corso dropped an F-bomb on live television, which made the moment even more priceless. Clearly he is used to being embarrassed by his¬†colleague¬† Fortunately, the youngster likely didn’t understand the insult. At this point I’m not convinced Corso did, either.

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