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Monday, April 23, 2018

Maryland’s Helmet Design Stolen from Roller Derby Team?

You know what’s even worse than having the ugliest uniforms in sports? Stealing the awful idea from a women’s roller derby team. Apparently that’s exactly what the Maryland Terps did.

The Baltimore Sun points out that the half shell motif of the Terps’ football helmets bears a striking resemblance to those of the Charm City Roller Girls’ All-Stars.

“They’re not identical, but they’re shockingly similar,” said Hillary “Rosie the Rioter” Rosensteel, the roller derby team’s captain.

Oh yeah, and the husband of one of the players designed and painted the helmets himself. So how about that? Maryland rolls out hideous uniforms that are intended to be the flagship of the Under Armour brand … and the uniforms turn out to be knockoffs of a roller derby team! I don’t know whether to jeer them or rip them. That’s almost as sad as the Yankees stealing their logo from a Manhattan woman’s uncle (allegedly).

Helmet knock to College Football Talk for the story

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