Oregon Duck Mascot Suspended for Kicking Houston Cougar’s Ass (Video)

This is one of the better stories I’ve seen all year — it definitely has the potential to be one of LBS’ Greatest Hits. As my buddy Andy pointed out to me, the Oregon Duck has been suspended for opening up a can on the Houston Cougar mascot last week and will miss next weekend’s game at Autzen Stadium. What could he have possibly done that was so bad? See for yourself:

You see him go all Ace Ventura on the Cougar? Plus that WWF elbow drop was fantastic. As if the elbow drop wasn’t enough, then the Duck straight up tea-bagged the Cougar. I’m still laughing. That was pure beauty. Possibly the greatest thing I’ve seen all year. And it least it’s a lot more tame than mascots break dancing against each other.

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  • SpinMax

    The Cougar is who should be suspended for that debacle. He got PWNED! The Duck left himself wide open multiple times for an easy groin shot and all the Cougar could do was weep.

    sad sad sad

  • http://svpstyle.com ScottVanPeltStyle.com

    The Cougar did go out like a sucker.

    I always wondered if these things were staged, but this seems to be one where keeping it real went wrong.

    In a DX Suck It kinda way.

  • http://pointguardu.com NICK

    Is Michigan gonna suspended Lloyd Carr because The Ducks kicked his ass???

  • Bill

    nick, that was brilliant!! rofl!!

  • CoogFan

    Obviously Shasta did not want to get in trouble by fighting back against an uncalled for attack. You guys are all acting like Shasta was making fun of your tradition of push ups (this is what I’ve seen from multiple forums and that article), when in reality that is a tradition that both Shasta and Sasha do every game after touchdowns. It’s not exclusive to one college, multiple colleges do that. I’m sure Shasta just wanted to show our fans and the team that even though they were on the road our traditions hold true. You can tell he wasn’t expecting to be kicked while doing push ups. Also, as far as not defending himself, mostly it was probably just so he wouldn’t cause more trouble and then a little bit had to be because it’s next to impossible to see what’s going on in those costumes. Playful fighting is fine, but the Oregon athletic department definitely had the right reaction.

  • Alan 1 ond only

    I’ll bet the Cougar was a chick under that mask. How else could they have they owned that badly?

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  • http://www.theretrofits.com George

    Haha! What a pussy!

    That’s what happens when you come into our house.

    Let that be a lesson to other mascots–act up at Autzen and you will be teabagged and shamed in front of millions.

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  • Go Coogs

    all the people who supports oregon is crazy…it was soo imature for their mascot to do that…so it makes oregon look bad not HOUSTON!!!

  • Neutral

    While this debacle seems comical because the participants were wearing costumes, the Oregon mascot should have been suspended FOR THE SEASON for committing an assault. It’s amazing that the Cougar wasn’t injured seriously — clearly the Duck had no concern for his welfare. If the combatants were in street clothes, I have no doubt that the Oregon mascot would have been charged criminally for his actions. In fact, I believe that would really be the appropriate outcome of this fight.

    Just to be clear, I’m not a Houston fan (though I’m not really a big fan of either team, I’d lean toward supporting Oregon), but I think that the Duck completely crossed the line.

  • Shane

    Let’s get these two in the ring once the season is over and settle it.

  • trapp21

    I wonder how Disney, Inc will feel about how the Donald Duck image is being betrayed in Oregon.

  • GO DUCKS!!!

    The Cougars were a joke, Michigan was a joke, soon Fresno State will be a joke come Saturday the 15th.

  • Good Duck Club

    The cougar needed his ass kicked,my what a PUSSY……………….

  • Dawn

    It WAS a girl in that Shasta costume and Oregon is lucky their mascot isn’t being sued for sexual harassment. Only a man could have been that immature.

  • Al

    Whatever. What do you expect from a state like Oregon. Probably frustrated because John Kerry lost the election.

  • djosepht

    pure class oregon. something to be proud about. what the hell did shasta do to the duck?

  • Liza Null

    So that’s how they display sportsmanship in Oregon, huh? I bet his parents are hanging their heads in shame. What an asshole.

  • Mo

    Well, ya know it’s kind of funny. Well, really, really funny!

    A couple of things:

    1. Yes, I do go to Oregon. But I’m a grad student and only tangentially follow UO sports.

    2. That stunt the Duck pulled is kind of indicative of what I’ve heard goes on at Autzen stadium. (No, don’t have time to go to the games–I’m a grad student!)

    3. Yes, Oregon fans can be incredibly immature. Hell, Oregon undergraduate students can be incredibly immature. Consider the source!

    4. How much damage can someone inflict in padded mascot suits?

    5. And school hasn’t started yet so I can post asinine comments before the craziness begins.

    Trying to embrace my inner Duck,

  • Brandy

    Omg! Go Ducks!!!!!!!! If i was still living in Oregon id probably be going to that school right now but alas i don’t. That was freakin funny as hell!! it probably made me love the team even more GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kristi

    Get over it!! it was all in just for fun..and if you can’t take the heat, get out of Eugene!! The Duck’s are a great team and need support not their mascot suspended for something so dumb!!!!.. Grow up already!!!!!!! Lady, if you don’t want to be a mascot stay out of the suit.

  • Mike

    Wow…nice job Ducks! Something to to really hang your hats on… and, OMG, condoning it. Bring that down here in Texas and let’s see who gets “tea-bagged”. Losers…

  • John Lewis

    That duck is a pansy. I am sure the cougar used great restraint in not opening his own can. THere is no place for that kind of behavior (I am talking about the “tea bagging”). Samcking around and fighting was cool to a point but it just got out of hand and they need to take the suits of and see who the real mascot is.


  • Grow up

    Come on people, it is just a game, and I agree… how much punch can you pack wearing a padded costume. GO DUCKS!! We are classy!

  • rose

    I think the entire matter has been given way too much attention. This was a play between the tow mascots and when the cougar got the worst of the “battle” they cried foul. The duck was not hurting the cougar. I saw it, I was there.
    GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cw

    yes, oregon ruled UH, as evidenced by the halftime tie and the 86 yd aldridge TD.

    A duck? Donald Duck? when was the last time anybody took Donald Duck seriously. I’m more Cal and USC. I hope you guys play A&M, in College Station – the corps will not show such urbane restraint.

  • DUX FAN in TN

    That is my MASCOT! GO DUCKS! SEE? DONALD IS SO MUCH MORE BADA$$ THAN THAT LAME CYBER DUCK THEY TRIED A FEW YEARS AGO. Nobody messes with Donald and gets away with it.

  • anthony

    WOW! I bet that whack azz duck won’t do that to the Husky when they come to UW!

  • sammy

    I think the duck is going to make the Husky pull the dogsled, and not only that, I think the beaver will join him.

  • cougar fan

    yo oregon sucks, yall just a joke. bring that shit to texas man we’ll show yall real southern duck huntin.


    That shows you that if you mess with the duck your going to get f–k. So stay on the pourch if you can’t take the heat.

  • Charles

    As a Houston fan I must admit that I am a bit conflicted. On one hand, I think it is a shame that the Oregon mascot would think that assault is appropriate behavior – ever! On the other hand it is funny – yet I am mad as hell that our Cougar didn’t make that Duck sing soprano when he/she had the chance. How can you lead a cheer after you’ve lain on the ground in fear – OF A FREAKIN DUCK!!! You are a COUGAR for cryin out loud………

  • Play football

    It’s not about the mascot, it’s about the FOOTBALL game.
    HUCK the FUSKIES!!!

  • pdx duck fan

    First off, Nick you had the best comment on here.

    Second. I don’t understand the Houston fans. Why do they keep saying that they will show us how tough Texas is? Didn’t we just beat you (both our football team and our duck)? Second as of late, when did a Texas school beat the Ducks? Do i need to mention the Holiday Bowl?

  • mascot mom

    For all of you who don’t understand about mascots….I’m a mom of a high school mascot. She can get SERIOUSLY hurt by stunts like thateven in the costume. They are not that padded on the inside, and the head is very heavy. Also, it is my understanding that the Houston Cougar was a GIRL!!!! I wonder if the duck thought about that. If I were her mom, I’ d see the duck in court!

  • MF

    Shut up high school mom! If someone can’t handle the weight of a mascot head maybe she should pick up a pom-pom, or better yet take a seat on the bleachers. she probably has her face hidden for a reason!

  • Worrior Mascot Invitation

    I would like to see Univeristy of Hawaii’s mascot do push ups one day right in front of the U of O student body section. I would like to see what the duck does then. I envision a lot of feathers everywhere! Go Warriors!

  • Justin

    Dawn- You are a joke

  • jeff

    Actually the UH mascot is in my class. I’ll see him today. He’s a cool guy, never wants to do anyone wrong, but I must say, he should have stood up for us. I have a presentation in our class today and the topic is over this fight. I’m sure he’ll enjoy it. GO COOGS!!

  • javachick

    The cougar isn’t blameless in this situation. The duck was tackled from behind by the cougar. http://www.registerguard.com/rgn/index.php/rgup/duck_suspended_for_next_home_football_game/

  • gt

    The duck is retarded, fuck Oregon..UH BITCH!

  • km

    the ducks rule that is all there is to it and the cougars are pissed be cause they got there ass handed to them

  • UH Owns You.

    Go Coogs!

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  • http://larrybrownsports.com/college-football/oregon-duck-mascot-suspended-for-kicking-houston-cougars-ass/937 Matty

    Thats a chick in the duck outfit. If that was a dude in the cougar suit he should just go cry in a dark corner.

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