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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Teammates Prank Landry Jones, Remove Tires from Truck (Picture)

Being the quarterback means having a lot of responsibility.  You have to be the most prepared offensive player on the field at all times.  You need to know what kind of defense you’re going up against and have an idea of the looks they might give you.  Also, you need to act as a team leader and a captain.  Apparently the Oklahoma Sooners don’t think the aforementioned responsibilities are enough, so they decided to give Landry Jones something else to think about on Tuesday.  Check out this picture from Landry’s Twitter account that Kegs ‘N Eggs shared with us:

Ah, the old take his tires off and put his truck on cinder blocks prank — classic.  The culprit was quite possibly linebacker Tom Wort, who tweeted the following on Tuesday morning: “Hahahaha @LandryJones12 oooOOoooooOoo I’m a quarterback and my truck got messed with oooOooOo!”  In terms of how annoying this prank is, we’ll file it way ahead of hiding Chris Johnson’s car but still nowhere near the Kenyon Martin popcorn incident.

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