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Saturday, May 26, 2018

WSBTV: Cecil Newton Admitted to Talking Money with ex-Mississippi State Player

Now that the FBI has gotten involved with the complex Cam Newton investigation we know there are serious consequences for people’s actions. We’re not sure how far they’ve gotten in their investigations, but what we do know is that when the Feds are involved you don’t want to lie. To that end, a source told WSBTV that Cam’s father Cecil Newton admitted to having talks about money for his son to play at Mississippi State. My guess is he admitted this to the NCAA and not the FBI, because he seems to be lying.

From WSBTV’s report: “… Cecil Newton, has admitted having conversations with an ex-Mississippi State University player about the possibility of under-the-table money if Cam Newton signed to play football at Mississippi State, though he’s steadfastly maintained that no money ever changed hands and said no official at Mississippi State ever made such an offer.” The report also says Newton said Auburn knew nothing about money discussions.

Former Mississippi State football players John Bond and Kenny Rogers have already said the exact same thing, so it was pretty hard for Newton to deny those claims. Here are the questions though: did he admit to asking the ex-Mississippi State player to solicit money on his behalf (an NCAA violation), and did he repeat the process with Auburn? If you believe Kenny Rogers’ story then Cecil Newton is lying (based on what the report says he said). And the remaining question still is prevalent: did Cecil Newton (or a third party) ask Auburn for cash? If Cam Newton didn’t sign with Mississippi State because the money was too good to turn down at Auburn, and if Cecil Newton said he wanted to get paid this time, then it sure seems like Auburn paid for Newton to sign with them.

As for Auburn, I don’t see why they shouldn’t continue to start Cam. They’ve already gone this far with him — knowing he was under investigation — so they might as well finish it out and stand by the young man. They really have nothing to lose. By letting him play they can continue their run at perfection and a national title. If he’s found to be ineligible after the season the wins will all be vacated anyhow. Because he’s currently eligible, it would be a disservice to his team not to have him to play. What do they have to lose?

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