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Monday, May 21, 2018

O.J. Mayo’s Father Kenneth Maurice Ziegler Making Son Look Bad

In case you missed it Thursday, Kenneth Maurice Ziegler, the father of Grizzlies forward O.J. Mayo, was charged with attempted murder for going all Boris the Blade on a police officer. Ziegler could have avoided trouble if he just acted naturally, but police were drawn to him after seeing him trying to hide inside his car (they were searching for someone else). What ensued was a drug bust that would make Nate Newton jealous, and a police chase envied by O.J. Simpson.

When police tried to confront Ziegler, he slammed on the gas, drove into one of the officers, and dragged him for several feet. After the car was disabled by spike strips, he was captured following a foot chase and charged with attempted murder, possession of weed and crack, fleeing in a car and fleeing on foot. If only he were liquored up he could have achieved the elusive Lindsay Lohan hat trick.

As if the quintuplet of charges weren’t enough, Ziegler already had outstanding warrants for fleeing, driving on a suspended license, and burglary. The person hurt by this the most is unfortunately O.J. Mayo. Mayo did not live with his father growing up and now has to be embarrassed and have his reputation sullied by an irresponsible, drug dealing father. The third-year player declined comment through the team and it’s a shame he has to be bothered by this. Like he didn’t already have enough problems of his own.

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