OJ Rocks a Folex, Fools the Goldmans

Pretty much every penny that OJ earns, he’s supposed to turn over to the Goldmans as part of a settlement for their civil suit, far as I can tell. So when the Goldmans see The Juice rocking some jewelry on his wrist, they want a cut. Problem is, what happens when that watch turns out to be a fake?

Santa Monica judge ordered the former football star to turn over his gold Rolex Submariner watch — estimated to be worth $12,000 to $22,000 — to the family.

But the Hall of Fame running back hit them with a fake — literally — when it was discovered that the luxury timepiece was a knockoff made in China, worth about $125.

Yikes! See, see, people? The guy really doesn’t have money. He’s just a poser! Either that, or he dropped some serious cash on a watch and was had. Either way, it just furthers OJ’s legend, and it really, really sucks for the Goldmans. I’d term the incident an embarrassment, but when it concerns OJ, is anything really an embarrassment at this point?

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  • JS

    Kellogg’s, USC and Albertsons have combined for a special promotion using Frosted Flakes and USC’s Heisman winners pictured on the box. Six of the Heisman winners are pictured, a seventh has been left off. Mom’s will have to serve their children grapefruit juice with the flakes, because there’s no O.J.

  • http://brahsome.com Will Brinson

    Juice has a bunch of money, with his 25k pension plan that can’t be touched by Goldmans. That doesn’t stop me from thinking this might be the funniest thing I’ve read all year. Great picture too LB.