Selena Gomez does Thanksgiving halftime show, puts guy to sleep (Video)

Selena Gomez performed at halftime of the Dallas Cowboys-Oakland Raiders game on Thanksgiving, leading some to wonder why the Thanksgiving game necessitated a musical act like the Super Bowl.

Those questions aside, Gomez, the 21-year-old former girlfriend of Justin Bieber, performed a few songs from her new album, including “Come and Get it.”

Though Gomez seemed to be a pretty neutral act that could please most demographics, one guy wasn’t too enthralled by her performance. Check out this dude catching a snooze as Selena was performing her halftime act:

Selena Gomez guy asleep

Must have been a long day for that fellow.

Anyway, can we talk about Gomez’s outfit for a second? This girl doesn’t look a day over 14. How do her parents let her go out in public with a skimpy outfit like that?

Selena Gomez halftime

I’d take away her cell phone and car keys just for wearing those boots.

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  • Mike

    This article is the worst piece of misogynistic garbage I have seen in quite some time. How incredibly degrading to reduce a platinum-selling recording artist to a dating history just because she is female. How insanely rude to talk about an adult woman as if she were a child you could “ground” for her expression. And how obtuse to have not done any research on Ms. Gomez or on the reason for this halftime show (the kickoff of The Salvation Army’s Red Kettle program) before writing an article on the two. Leave the entertainment commentary to those who know what they’re talking about and please learn to show some respect to others.

  • Alan Hull

    Dude, she looks like she’s 14!!! Which, I take to be a sign that I’m getting old.

  • Jon Sykora

    This article is useless… Right before it refers to her as the “former girlfriend of Justin Bieber” though she is well past that what with being an actress both in movies and television and platinum-selling recording artist.. It points out that she’s 21, yet the writer still felt it necessary to say she looks 14 and speak of her like she’s a child.. Pretty much ANY other article about this halftime show praises her for being a showstopper.. This is just sad…

  • Bella O

    She isnt really a “platnium selling” artist. she has had 2 singles go platinum, however she struggles to get a gold album. but i agree with you, they always have to refer to her as “biebers ex” and thats sad