14-year-old named Peyton Manning unable to get Facebook account because of name

Any 14-year-old from Colorado would want to be named Peyton Manning now that the future Hall of Famer is trying to lead their Broncos to a Super Bowl, right? In some ways, that is true for Littleton’s Peyton Scott Manning. But when he wants to do something simple like create a Facebook account with his actual name, being named after a legend has its downfalls.

“People don’t believe me sometimes,” the eight-grader told the Denver Post. “They think I’m trying to impersonate. Facebook won’t let me do Manning at all, no matter how many times I try.”

Peyton’s parents, Mick and Kim Manning, named him after Manning the football player when Peyton announced he would return to Tennessee for his senior season in 1997. They liked the fact that Peyton was staying in school to finish his degree, and they decided to honor him when their son was born in 1998.

“I would have never named him Peyton if I knew (the QB) was going to be a legendary football player anywhere, let alone Denver,” Kim said. “We’re not celebrity (starstruck). I just thought it was a great name, and he was full of strength and character. He had a lot of personal attributes you want your son to have. And my son has lived up to it.”

Apparently the Mannings didn’t follow football all that closely, because there were very few who thought (NFL) Peyton would not become a star. Young Peyton says he has followed the Broncos’ quarterback since he was old enough to understand football.

“In my room I’ve got a Fathead of him, his rookie card and posters everywhere,” Peyton said. “He’s my favorite professional football player and having the same name as him brings a cool kind of attention. It’s not like everybody always talks about it, but when they do I like it. He’s one of the most class guys out there, so it’s cool, for sure.”

Good for young Peyton for not holding grudges. Now if only old Peyton would do the right thing and get together with Mark Zuckerberg to resolve this inconvenient issue.

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Photo credit: Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=13910764 Brandon W. Thomas

    He should just use his middle name…man, that was hard…

  • Brian Shannon

    He tried that too Brandon…turns out his middle name is Eli and that really threw things off to the facebook people

  • lepasc

     Come on..loll….Peyton Eli Manning ???? hahaha
    That would be funny tho,right?

  • http://www.facebook.com/mark.roybal.5 Mark Roybal

    he just has to spell it : 1stname: PeytonScott  LastName: Manning

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LGYBOKZY6TT4FKCAWKMTI3JOYA Alexandra

    Ehh, he’s better off.