Did Big Ben Pee on a Golf Course?

Maybe he did. Maybe he didn’t. Who cares, right? Wrong. Pro Football Talk has been made aware of a rumor that alleges Ben Roethlisberger may have urinated on a golf course while golfing in Columbus, Ohio. Although this seems like it’s not a big deal, a woman named Nan Fowler supposedly witnessed the act and was not only offended; she’s thinking about pressing charges.

Like anyone else who’s had a go at him, I’ve taken my fair share of shots at Roethlisberger when I felt he deserved it. This, on the other hand, is completely ridiculous. Give the guy a break. If you’re a male and you’ve golfed more than a handful of times in your life, you’d be lying if you said you’ve never peed on the course. Supposedly, it was someone else in Big Ben’s foursome that took the wiz and Ben intervened and tried to calm Fowler down when she became upset.

The fact that this woman is thinking about pressing charges leads me to believe that she found out it was Roethlisberger, saw an opportunity, and has decided to try to profit from the incident. I’d almost understand her complaining to a manager and attempting to get some cash knocked off of her greens fee, but she thinks the legal system should get involved? Let’s hope nothing comes of this. If not, I’ll be the first to flip-flop from my prior viewpoint and say that Big Ben can’t catch a break.

Rumors fly of new Roethlisberger golf course incident [Pro Football Talk]

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  • LAprGuy

    Steve, you wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong about this one … if, indeed, it occurred. If Ben is trying to maintain a positive image, the LAST thing he needs to be doing is peeing on a golf course, or playing golf with guys who do it.

    Not saying I’ve never seen, and not saying I disagree with your point that “it seems like it’s not a big deal.” You’re right about that. On a different day, with a different foursome.

    But Ben needs to get his posse in order.

  • Steve DelVecchio

    I understand your point, LA, but the man is still human. I agree that he needs to clean up his act and watch what he does. But come on, pressing charges??? You can’t expect a person – no matter who they are — to think about maintaining their image EVERY second of the day, regardless of how much trouble they’re in or were in. I’m not saying this was the case, but let me ask you this…have you ever not been able to hold it? You can’t neglect the possibility that Ben or whoever else did it legit HAD to go.

  • SpinMax

    We all do it! If you are stupid enough to get caught doing something we’re all experts at, you deserve to get whacked

  • LAprGuy

    First, I’m a regular reader, so you know … I enjoy your updates. Not trolling by.

    And I can’t disagree with your reply re: pressing charges. You’re right: That is beyond ridiculous.

    But I do think that Ben has to be realllly careful, especially in a world where there are people out to “report” him.

    I’m not saying he’s O.J., but when you’ve previously been able to get away with what appears to be a crime if committed by a different, less famous person, then you have to be EXTRA careful about your public actions or you get people like this woman who are ready to turn you in.

    I’ve certainly golfed with my share of friends and pairings who’ve peed here or there on a golf course. Hardly feels like a crime. But that doesn’t mean HE should be doing it. They have restrooms on golf courses. For now, especially, he needs to use them.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    With all of Big Ben’s free wanging ways, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were him. He’s lost the benefit of the doubt in my eyes.