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Friday, April 20, 2018

Gilbert Arenas posted his first Instagram selfie and Nick Young clowned him hardcore for it

Gilbert Arenas selfie

Gilbert Arenas, once one of the first athletes to embrace new media such as blogging and Twitter, arrived a little late to the Instagram game. Despite his late arrival, Gil’s quickly amassed nearly half a million followers. He often uses his Instagram account to post videos of him working out and training, and to post daily memes. He also frequently runs jersey and sneaker giveaway contests through his account.

On Wednesday, Arenas decided to try something new: he shared his first selfie. The reception was, shall we say, icy.

Fellow basketball player and San Fernando Valley boy Nick Young, who regularly interacts with Gil on Instagram, totally mocked Arenas for it. This is just hilarious:

Nick Young Instagram

I can’t even … I’m just dying.

I’ve never seen “Ice Age” before, but after running a quick Google search, might this be who Young thought Arenas looked like?

Ice Age

Photo: Instagram/GilbertArenas0

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