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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Rugby player Matthew Probert got hammer stuck in head during fight

Matthew Probert

Rugby player Matthew Probert was the victim of one of the most savage attacks we have ever heard of.

Probert, who is a forward for Scunthorpe Rugby Club in England, literally had a hammer embedded in his forehead after being attacked outside a club over the weekend. The incredible, gruesome photo seen below was taken by a club-goer who witnessed the aftermath of the fight near Revolution Bar:

Probert was taken to Lincoln County Hospital before being transferred 50 miles to a specialist brain unit at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield for an hour-long operation to remove the hammer. He is said to be in stable condition.

22-year-old Kris Bradley is being charged with attempted murder for the alleged assault.

“There are some absolute scum bags on this earth Matthew Probert is the bravest strongest person I know!” Probert’s girlfriend, Elisha Davis, wrote on Facebook after the attack.

“Just to let everyone know Matthew Probert seems to be making a good recovery, for anyone asking about visiting, hospital staff and family request no visitors for the time being but will let everyone know when he is well enough!”

A claw hammer. A freaking claw hammer man. Where does one even get a claw hammer from? Was he out clubbing with the claw hammer? Did he have it stuck in his carpenter pants? What the heck was this loon thinking?!?

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