‘World Peace’ ends Super Bowl halftime show, shout out to Metta?

The phrase “world peace” ended the halftime show of the Super Bowl and it didn’t take long for the Ron Artest jokes to come flying in. Even the man himself, Metta World Peace, joked about it being a shoutout to him.

Yeah, sorry to disappoint, but I’m pretty sure people were hoping for world peace long before Ron Ron changed his name. Still, Baron Davis had an outstanding tweet, saying “Sick shout out to Ron Artest at the end. Who does his marketing #genius”

I guess the name change was worth it just for that.

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  • Megan Wright-Carter

    That was so cool. At the end of the halftime show. I loved it how Madonna did not mind sharing the stage with those other performances. It was the best halftime  show i have seen in a long time.