Yankees’ Facebook page hacked, said Derek Jeter would miss season with sex change operation

The New York Yankees’ Facebook page was hacked on Thursday afternoon and the hacker left a rather hilarious message. As seen above, the message told fans that Derek Jeter would miss the rest of the season to have a sex change operation and that he would be back next season as Minnie Mantlez.

As website owners we obviously frown upon hacking, but if you’re going to break into someone’s page to leave a message, that’s how you do it. Hilarious.

UPDATE: It seems like there was an MLB Facebook page hacking bandit on the loose on Thursday. The Cubs, Giants, Marlins, White Sox, and Padres pages all were hacked too.

Is there something more going on here? A ploy to draw attention and get more Facebook likes?

Forearm bash to Deadspin

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  • http://occamsrazr.com Ike Pigott

    Larry, apparently SEVERAL MLB accounts were simultaneously hacked.

    This would seem to indicate that MLB has some type of back-door access to the social media accounts. I would guess that may be the source.

    (Unless these accounts share another common denominator, like the same agency that helped them set up initially.)

    The larger question is “Why is Deadspin not asking these questions?”

  • SpinMax

    Funny stuff