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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Aaron Rodgers Goes Allen Iverson: ‘We’re Talking About Practice?’ (Video)

Poor Allen Iverson.  The guy went on possibly the most epic rant of all time and years later he still can’t catch a break.  When you have people like Charlie Sheen ripping on you, you know you must be at the bottom of the totem pole.  The good news for Iverson is the latest person to take a shot at him happens to be a Super Bowl MVP, so at least he’s receiving recognition from the right places.  Check out the Aaron Rodgers Allen Iverson “practice” video:

While we all appreciate a well-timed “practice?” bit, this one seems a little forced from Rodgers.  Of course you’re going to be asked about practice.  Nothing else is going on.  He could have picked a better time to bust this one out.  For a guy who has television experience and has appeared in a music video, you would think he could do better.  It’s the rip on Allen Iverson thought that counts.

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