Aaron Rodgers killing the mustache game

Aaron Rodgers mustache

Aaron Rodgers is taking the mustache game to the next level.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback may be out with a broken collarbone, but he is not forgotten on the sidelines of the team’s games. FOX showed shots of Rodgers on the sidelines during the Packers’ 26-26 tie with the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, and the quarterback’s ‘stache stood out immediately.

Would you look at that beauty? He’s got full range on that mustache. Coverage from nose to upper lip. Not a spot missing.

As far as we can tell, Rodgers began growing the ‘stache in the preseason and has kept it going. Now it’s just a full thick nest that would make Mike Ditka jealous. Give this guy a pair of aviators and he’d be accepted into a police academy immediately, no questions asked.

Of course, despite our praise of his ‘stache, he’s been catching a lot of crap for it. Many are saying it makes him look like a pedophile:

The upper lip hair is nothing new for Rodgers. Two years ago, he had a sick handlebar ‘stache. Keep it up, Aaron, and don’t let the haters get you down!

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  • pam

    yep he does look like a pedophile!!!

  • mark

    He only grows one during pre-season, then shaves it. Then he grows one for Movember. Typical class act for a man who gives so much to charities.

  • Nicole Cullen

    He doesn’t look like a pedophile… He looks like an old school porn star. Bow chica bow wow… ;)
    And he’s an all around good guy who likes to have a good time. He’s very charitable.

  • Guest

    Hey look, the Village People have themselves a quarter back!

  • Matt

    Hey look, the Village People have found themselves a Quarterback!