Bart Scott demands Jets defense boycott media

New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott was apparently so furious with the media after his team’s 27-13 win over the St. Louis Rams on Sunday that he demanded his teammates participate in a boycott.

According to Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post, Scott ordered every member of the Jets defense to answer all questions with “both teams played hard.” “Both teams played hard” is a nod to notorious NBA headcase Rasheed Wallace, who gave that line in response to every question he fielded during a press conference several years ago.

Scott apparently threatened teammates who did speak with the media, even name-calling fellow linebacker Bryan Thomas for breaking the boycott.

After the attempted media boycott failed, Scott apparently began speaking with reporters calmly.

Hubbuch says Scott called for the boycott in response to an anonymously-sourced story in the New York Daily News during the week that cited a Jets player as calling Tim Tebow a “terrible” quarterback.

The article was a source of much strife in the Jets locker room during the week. Coach Rex Ryan was forced to address it, and Scott responded to allegations that he was one of the anonymous sources.

This also is not the first time Scott has taken an anti-media stance this season. After the Jets beat the Bills in Week 1, Scott declared a media boycott in protest of the New York Post calling the team a bunch of clowns. He also had a run-in with a reporter in the team’s locker room that nearly involved a fight.

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3MOBLUJ7Y7BZVYY3FBBL6SC7TY Tron Rodriguez

    Bart Scott is a tool. He wonders why people call the Jets a bunch of clowns, it’s because of guys like him and Cromartie and Rex Ryan and Santonio Holmes and whoever that “anonymous defender” was. These guys are a bunch of loud mouth arrogant punks who are incapable of backing up all their big talk on the field, and they take out their frustrations on the media and their own teammates instead of looking in the mirror and saying to themselves “what can i do to make this team better”. So many of them are far too selfish and delusional to be so objective. That organization is toxic from the top down. There is no accountability, no leadership, no identity, no character, no balls. They are weak minded insecure cowards who can’t do their jobs right and will blame anyone but themselves for their own shortcomings, both as football players and as men.

  • mustafamaximus

    Could Bart Scott be suffering from the effects of a concussion? He’s acting like more like a thug than a professional football player.

  • buddyleedude

    I really hate sports media… It’s turning into gossip… I’m sorry when grown men talk mostly about their feelings on twitter and call it journalism… That’s when we know the bar can’t drop any lower… All these guys… Just awful and the fact that a journalist was so upset at the notion a Jets player might not want his idiot team saying any more stuff for cheap headlines is also awful… Give me boring touchdowns and injuries and not reality tv…. Know your place and know you wouldn’t have a job without those athletes…. You need them, not the other way around… I really hate this era in sports for the sensationalist writing and the overreactions blended with just stupid, STUPID gossip.  Calling any of the writers having to do with this story journalists is an insult to anyone else who writes real news…. Right down to the kids who write for their high school newsletter… To think these guys went to 4 years of college to give us a story that I would most relate to a couple of 8th grade girls snickering at a lunch table… Truly shameful I dont know if I can even call these guys adults acting the way they are. What a joke…