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Friday, June 22, 2018

Brandon Jacobs Does Not Like Fantasy Football, Hates Being Asked About it

Brandon Jacobs has not seemed to enjoy much of anything this season, and up to this point I don’t think many people enjoyed him, either. Back in October, he was sick of playing for the Giants. I’m sure they were tired of having him. In November, Jacobs called out Giants fans for kicking the team while they were down. I’m sure the fans were sick of him. In December, he called Cowboys fans loud and obnoxious. I think it’s safe to assume Dallas fans aren’t fond of Brandon.  At media day on Tuesday, Jacobs told reporters how tired he is of answering fans’ questions about fantasy football.

Jacobs, the Giants running back, spent part of his team’s Media Day session Tuesday discussing just how much he despises fantasy football and its popularity. Jacobs said that 90% of the fans who approach him try to talk to him about their fantasy teams. He finds their questions aggravating.

“I’m like, ‘You know, man, I’m on the real team,'” he said.

As a 2011 Brandon Jacobs owner, I know for a fact this one is mutual.  We all hate you as well, Brandon.  I will admit fantasy football owners take it too far sometimes — like when they get upset with a player over being injured — but it’s not a coincidence that guys like Jacobs despise it while others like Adrian Peterson express a desire to help their fantasy owners out.  When Jacobs says he’s sick of answering questions about fantasy football, he probably means he’s sick of hearing people tell him how much they regret drafting him.  If I was him, I’d probably hate it too.

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