Brett Favre Impersonator Causing a Stir in Green Bay (Picture)

Experience has taught us that there are two types of lookalike fans roaming around: those who impersonate players just for fun and those who do it to cause a stir.  Impersonators like this one and this one are just looking for a cheap laugh or two, and to their credit they executed their plans to perfection.  Similar to this Tim Lincecum impersonator, the Brett Favre impersonator that is making the rounds in Green Bay is creating quite the buzz.  Can you tell the difference?

I would probably fall for it, too.  This guy looks exactly like Favre.  The only thing that would tip me off is that he’s not crying at a podium or pretending to retire.  Oh, and he’s wearing a Packers jersey.

H/T to The Big Lead for the story and @1000Steps for the pic.

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  • http://museluver.wordpress.com/ Alex

    I’m not too big of a fan of baseball and coming from London, England, I may as well be brain-dead. With this said is the Ichiro video really one of an “impersonator” or is it just a Japanese guy that likes baseball and really likes Ichiro? Can someone more baseball learnt than me watch that video and tell me? Real impersonation or just racism? Discuss!

  • Mario Morse

    The Ichiro impersonator was just that, an impersonator. Coming from Wisconsin, I would say there’s an honesty so far in portrying Athletes and Singers alike. I will go out on a branch and personally say that racism is more attributed in groups of people rather than individuals.

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t think there could be 2 people that stupid looking on one planet.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Wilson/100000744049423 John Wilson

    Okay, take all the frustrations you want on brett favre, You know and I know that if you were making the kind of money this guy was making you would be in the same boat? You see a beutiful woman she winks, blinks and takes notice of you because you are a superstar; you get mixed signals you have seen her or him” on the same circuit, She or Him might smile at you or give you wink” (that is no excuse) but hey” it is what it is so the big bad football star sends out a few pictures? okay men we have all played footbal and we all know how testostrine and money can you stupid, and how woman in the center of that can make you have brain seizures, that can make you stupid. Some woman are just smarter then others” lets be real what hapeens on the road stays on the road; but some people take it further than others. That is no excuse but RallY!!!