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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Chicago Dealership Is Offering Free Cars if Bears Shut Out the Packers

Attention companies: if you’re looking to get publicity through a gimmick, this is how to do it. Sawicki Motors in Rochelle, Illinois is offering customers a rebate for the entire purchasing price of new cars bought between Dec 16th-Dec 23rd if the Bears shut out the Packers Saturday.

“Bears fans mostly have been laughing about it because the likelihood (of the Bears preventing the Packers from scoring) is not that great,” said Ron Matula, sales manager of the dealership. “None of the Packers fans have called me names or swore at me yet. They have just been saying ‘it’s not going to happen.’”

Matula says the dealership’s business manager came up with the idea, and the GM and owner liked it and approved it. Apparently it came up because Green Bay struggled last weekend against Kansas City, losing their first game of the season (giving one woman serious fits).

I can’t imagine the Packers getting shutout by the Bears, but then again I didn’t see them losing to the Chiefs. I’m not sure how many fans are taking advantage of the promotion, but maybe it’s enough to persuade potential buyers to pick up some new wheels.

Helmet knock to Shutdown Corner, H/T to Off the Bench for the pic

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