Denver Broncos Sport Ugly Yellow Jerseys Against Patriots

Several NFL teams have been wearing their throwbacks uniforms this year in a trend that’s spread across several sports. The Cowboys wore theirs on Sunday as did the Chiefs, and the Patriots and Broncos did the same. The Patriots uniforms look familiar because it’s the same ones they had from ’61-’96. The Broncos however aren’t throwing to their Blue and Orange crush John Elway unis. Oh no. They’ve sent it back to the days of 1960-1961 with the first uniforms worn by the franchise.

Broncos Yellow Jersey

The Broncos are sporting those hideous yellow and brown uniforms that have to be amongst the ugliest NFL uniforms I’ve ever seen — and that’s coming from a Bengals fan. The story has it that the reason the Broncos had those colors is because their original owner was cheap and wanted a uniform that could be worn both at home on the road. He got his wish. He also pained the eyes of everyone in Colorado. Seal brown and burnt gold with striped socks. Yuck. The mid-80s Padres think those are some ugly uniforms.

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  • Larry

    Looks like something from the Wizard of Oz!

  • lair

    where can i get a uniform or jersey that represents??? LA

  • Jeff J

    I don’t see the point of these throw back uniforms. I think its annoying watching Kansas City play Dallas and KC is the one who has the state of Texas on their helmets. If their plan is to get people to go out and buy these throwback jerseys, they definitely made a mistake with the Denver uniform. They should have gone with this one.


  • Levi

    Larry Brown is a B*tch! GO BRONCOS!!!!

  • SpinMax

    Sheesh I was all convoluting my 80s Padre comment and you throw it in at the end.