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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Harvard Students Set Out to Prove the ‘Miracles of Tim Tebow’

How exactly has Tim Tebow been winning games?  The Denver Broncos have been the beneficiaries of a complete resurgence since Tebow was named the starter.  Although Kyle Orton has proven to be a viable starter in the NFL, he could not get the job done with the team they have assembled in Denver.  Yet using the exact same team and barely ever throwing the ball, Tebow has very little but win.  A group of Harvard students known as the Harvard Sports Analysis Collective recently set out to figure out why that has been the case.

As the Denver Post pointed out, the HSAC stats freaks examined the Broncos first five games under Kyle Orton and compared them to the next five under Tebow.  Considering Denver’s offensive numbers trended down with Tebow under center, the project is appropriately named “A Statistical Analysis of the Miracles of Tim Tebow.”

“Essentially, while Tebow and the rest of the Broncos have not been producing better numbers, they’ve been producing their best numbers at the right times.” the HSAC explained.

For that reason, the group determined that the likelihood of the Broncos sustaining their current winning percentage looks “rather dire.”  However, they insist that only means the number of wins is more likely to decrease in line with Tebow’s overall play.  If his play improves and/or the Messiah continues to play at a higher level in clutch situations, the trend could conceivably continue.  Considering Eric Decker said he is too busy studying film to even come out with his teammates for a little R&R, I’d say the chances of Tebow improving his overall play are fairly solid.

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