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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

If the Vikings Lose Sunday, Will Brett Favre Finally Retire?

On Sunday afternoon, the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers will face off for the second time this season in what is normally one of the most intense games of the NFL season. With a record of 3-6, the Vikings are playing partially to remain in the hunt, but mainly to salvage some pride from the remainder of the season. The Packers are obviously the superior team and will likely still be playing in January while the men in purple have gone home.

One man who may have more on the line this Sunday than anyone else is none other than Brett Favre. I hate to make a big deal out of Favre — consdidering he does a phenomenal job of that himself — but the reality is this could be his last NFL start.  Brett already said he plans to retire after the season, but he may not wait that long if Minnesota gets romped on Sunday.  Changes will need to be made within the Vikings organization, and head coach and quarterback would be logical areas to begin the transition.

It’s no secret this season has been the most hectic for No. 4.  Favre normally craves the spotlight, but I’m not sure he enjoys it in the form of sexual harassment allegations.  He’s “battled” numerous injuries over the course of the season.  I used quotations because even an orthopedist has accused Favre of milking his injuries.  There have now been rumblings of a shoulder injury headed into this weekend’s match-up.  Favre’s shoulder may actually be injured.  It may also be the perfect out if Minnesota loses and Tavaris Jackson takes over the quarterback duties.

If the Vikings fall to 3-7, Brad Childress could be fired and Favre could be benched.  From all we’ve come to know about him, do you really think Old Man Brett is going to leave the game of football on someone else’s terms, or as a backup quarterback?  Sunday could finally be end.

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