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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Jason Witten: Tony Romo is elite, but will be criticized until he wins a Super Bowl

Jason Witten made some bold comments recently that many considered to be offensive.

The Cowboys tight end has a partnership with a workout facility in Abilene, Texas, and spoke to Joey D. Richards of the Abilene Reporter-News while in town for a special workout on Monday. He spoke confidently about his team and its chances this season.

“We got a lot better through free agency, got a lot better in the draft,” Witten said. “Obviously, I think Tony Romo is an elite quarterback who gives you a chance to compete for a championship.”

Witten believes the criticism Romo faces is unfair.

“There’s high expectations for Cowboys,” he said. “There’s been some great quarterbacks who have come through that organization. You look at Roger Staubach and Troy (Aikman), and the expectations are Super Bowls. He’s a phenomenal, cool quarterback. He’s an elite quarterback. But until we win the big game, the criticism is going to come. We understand that, and we have high expectations. Tony is a phenomenal player and a phenomenal player for our football team.”

Witten cited Romo’s stats — 31 touchdowns and only 10 interceptions last year — as proof that Romo is elite. He is right in one sense.

I think Tony Romo is an elite playmaker. He can do things few other quarterbacks in the league can. He makes things happen, and throws for the kinds of yards and touchdowns only the top quarterbacks in the league can. But Romo also makes some of the biggest mental mistakes in the league, and that is what keeps him from being elite overall.

If he can improve on the mental side and eliminate the dumb mistakes, then he will truly be an elite quarterback. The problem is most people will refuse to recognize that unless the ‘Boys win a Super Bowl, just like Witten says. At least Romo believes he’ll get there. I’m not as confident.

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