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Saturday, April 21, 2018

JC Unitas: Joe Flacco an ’embarrassing choice’ to play Johnny Unitas in movie

joe flaccoJoe Flacco has been chosen to play the role of legendary Baltimore Colts quarterback Johnny Unitas in an upcoming film called “Unitas We Stand.” The film is being produced by Joe Unitas, Johnny’s son from a second marriage, and it has resulted in some serious family feuding.

For starter’s, Johnny grandson JC Unitas — a 24-year-old former Villanova quarterback — believes Flacco is a horrible choice to play the role of his grandfather. According to USA Today Sports, JC called it “embarrassing” that Flacco was chosen.

“If you want a real movie, hire a real actor,” JC wrote on Facebook. “My grandfather and his legacy deserves only the best, and this is not it. Has Baltimore forgotten that Trent Dilfer also won a Super Bowl while playing for Baltimore?”

JC’s outrage is shared by his father John Unitas Jr., who is Johnny Unitas’ eldest son from his first marriage and Joe Unitas’ half-brother. The film is being based on a book by Tom Callahan, and John Jr. feels that Callahan and Joe Unitas are simply trying to make a quick buck without consulting the rest of the family.

“It is awful. The guy’s a turd,” John Jr. reportedly told USA Today Sports. “(Callahan) never talked to me. He never talked to any of the first five children. He’s a guy that’s just making money off of my father.

“They’re trying to do anything on the coattails of my father’s name. It’s like prostituting yourself. My father would have nothing to do with it. It makes me angry, but there’s nothing I can do about it until they slip up. If they start selling some things with Johnny Unitas on it, then I have legal recourse.”

John Jr. also agreed with his son JC that Flacco is a poor choice for the role of the NFL legend, calling the Super Bowl MVP a “goofball.”

“If you want a quarterback, go with Peyton Manning,” John said. “My father was just like that. This is a joke.”

John Jr. has denied Joe’s request to sell t-shirts bearing the Unitas name. He also said he is considering taking legal action if Joe turns a profit with the movie. At this point, it seems like there is a lot to work out before the process is complete.

Perhaps Flacco’s loose association with this animated family feud will change his father’s opinion about him just a tad.

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