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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Jeremy Shockey Rips Referees, Claims Twitter Account was Hacked

Panthers tight end Jeremy Shockey ripped the referees for taking a touchdown away from him in the third quarter, but later claimed his Twitter account was hacked. With the Panthers down 24-20 to the Bears Sunday, Cam Newton hit Shockey for a touchdown. The touchdown was taken of the board because Shockey was flagged for offensive pass interference. Carolina ended up attempting a field goal that was blocked and they never took the lead.

After the game, the following message was sent from Shockey’s Twitter account:

Not long after the tweet was sent, one of Shockey’s friends claimed he was the one who sent the message. The “friend in Charlotte” apologized to Shockey for sending the vulgar tweet from the tight end’s account. Shortly thereafter, another tweet came saying “Wow never leave your acct open when on a road trip. Thx Pedro. Lol but some of it’s true.”

And of course came the obligatory “Got hacked by a friend,” tweet. I don’t know what the NFL’s policy on hacked accounts is, but I’m guessing they’ll treat the tweets just as if Shockey had made the statement to a group of reporters. It certainly didn’t help that he said some of the complaints were true.

Regardless, he certainly had a gripe. That was a weak pass interference call and it cost the team. But if he did feel the refs screwed up the call, why claim the account was hacked? If you’re going to go in, go in all the way. Don’t pull a Paul Pierce, stand by your word!

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